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Why virtual coaching? Holistic declutter coaching with me and the Purification method is different that traditional in-person decluttering support.

We’ll work together over the phone or in a virtual meeting to explore what has been holding you back, dissolve blocks to getting started, and energize your process.

You’ll receive the support, accountability, and strategies you need to declutter, downsize, and make space for what truly matters most.

Explore my virtual coaching packages below.


Virtual Coaching Packages

Clarify to Purify - Mini Package

One 50-minute virtual coaching session, one 20-minute virtual follow-up, workbook with written exercises.

In the safe, sacred space of our phone or Zoom calls you’ll get to explore – and break through – whatever has been holding you back from finally starting to declutter or downsize. You may be feeling overwhelmed, stuck, confused, or afraid… and that’s okay (and totally normal).

We’ll work together to explore your resistance and hesitations, discover your goals and intentions, and create a clear plan for getting started on your Purification journey.

Purification Support - 6-Session Package

Six 50-minute virtual coaching sessions, Clarify to Purify workbook, three additional customized written exercises.

Receive the support you need to declutter and Purify one or more rooms, create a strategy for your downsizing process, or dive deeper into addressing problematic attachments.

Working together for six sessions will allow you to integrate the Purification method and make it your own. I’ll help you develop Purification strategies that you can use the rest of your life to keep your home clear of clutter, full of the things you love, and spacious enough to hold the things that truly matter most.

Purify Your Home - 12-Session Package

Twelve 50-minute virtual coaching sessions, full Purify Your Home written program, email and text support between sessions.

Purify Your Home is a 12-week comprehensive, one-on-one coaching program that provides full support and inspiration for decluttering, downsizing and Purifying your home. This program is mindfully designed for folks who are facing a big clean-out and are feeling overwhelmed and stuck about how to get started and follow through.

Purify Your Home integrates spirituality, emotional support, and logistical planning so you can feel totally prepared to navigate your path to freedom from your ‘stuff’!

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