Our personal papers (notebooks, journals, scrap paper, post-it notes, etc.) are where we capture thoughts, emotions, memories, quotes, lists, ideas, and more. When we have accumulated a lot of personal papers, or when they have simply become disorganized, it can start to feel like we’re drowning in paper.

Or, as the listener who suggested this topic for the podcast shared:

“I am drowning in my own words!”

Today I’ll share a few ways that we can address the personal paper flow from 2 perspectives:

1. Stemming the flow of papers coming in (or that we’re creating) by using mindfulness and creating new systems.

2. Purifying the accumulated papers by committing time to sitting with them and using clarifying questions to determine what stays and what gets recycled.

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If you’re having trouble keeping your digital papers organized and efficient, consider listening to episode 013 Digital Decluttering with Sarah Steckler for some inspiration!

In a future episode, I’ll be addressing administrative papers like tax returns, bank statements, paid bills, legal documents, etc. Stay tuned.

Thank you to the listener who shared this episode great episode idea and for sharing your experience with your papers!

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