Holiday decorations can live with us for decades and decades. When we bring them out of storage each year we have the opportunity to sort through and feel which ones still resonate.

The same is true for holiday traditions. We may go through each year’s traditions with a sense of ‘should’ and obligation. It doesn’t have to be this way. By purifying both our decorations and traditions we can actively create beautiful, meaningful experiences with family, friends, and our spiritual or religious practices.

In this episode I share a little about sorting through my own Christmas decorations. I let go of many things, and re-discovered a few precious treasures. Scroll down to read the blog post I wrote on this topic in December 2017.

Sorting Through Holiday Decorations & TraditionsHere is the gorgeous hand-turned Christmas ornament my dad made years ago. I would not have re-connected with it had I not had the courage to sort through my tote of ornaments and decorations.

I’m excited to hear what treasures you will find and what meaning you will make as you sort through your holiday decorations and traditions!

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Until next time, keep on purifying!


Ho-Ho-Home Energy Purification for the Holidays

December 19, 2017

Last week, I shared with you how I created and then used Home Energy Purification techniques and tools to declutter and clear the energy of almost my entire home. You may recall that there was one storage tote that slipped through the cracks of the process.

This particular tote held Christmas decorations I’d accumulated over a lifetime. It lived up on a very high shelf in my mudroom, and at the time, I thought, “Eh, it isn’t doing any harm up there on the shelf and it’s out of the way, so I’m not getting into it right now.” Reflecting on it now, I can see that I wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready to deal with it then.

A few weeks ago, my husband was organizing some stuff on that shelf, and since the holidays were approaching I thought it would be a good time to get the storage tote down and finally address the contents.

No big deal, right? It’s just a storage tote of Christmas decorations – how hard can it be?

Apparently pretty hard, since the tote then sat on the floor of the mudroom for close to two weeks as I deliberately avoided looking at it anytime I walked by.

I could feel myself tensing up and going into avoidance mode anytime I thought about getting near it. Finally, though, I grew weary of it taking up space on the floor so I knew I had to do something. I tuned in with the Home Energy Purification process and tried to get started.

I sat with the tote and did some deep breathing. I used some energy tools to help me loosen up the stuck energy. Then I took the lid off.

Good lord – no wonder I was avoiding this! This tote was jam-packed with a whole mess of stuff – it was hard to even see everything in there, and I instantly felt a wave of mixed-up emotions as I started to sift through it. There was stuff from when I was single and decorating my apartment for the holidays. There was stuff that my first husband and I had acquired together. There was stuff from when I was BORN and from my childhood: ‘First Christmas’ ornaments, homemade ornaments, oh, and a non-Christmas ninja mask from a Halloween party some 8 or 9 years ago… Did I even WANT this stuff? If I didn’t, what would I do with it? Is it okay to let go of 40-year-old personalized Christmas ornaments that hung on the tree every year of my entire childhood? What does it mean about me if I want to throw away (**gasp!**) the Papa Smurf ornament I made in elementary school?

Immediately I wanted to slam the lid back on and run. And I nearly did. Instead though, I put the lid back on temporarily and took a break. I re-grounded and reminded myself to take it slow – one thing at a time. I decided that the items I wouldn’t keep could go to a local thrift store, with the hope that another person or family would get joy and beauty from them in their own home.

Once I had a plan and was grounded and centered, the lid came back off, and I tuned in intuitively, listening and allowing these items to speak to me without words. I asked myself some questions about the items and slowly started to become clear.

Some of the items were easy. The generic multi-colored Christmas tree balls could go. Since we live with five cats, and we just aren’t particularly Christmas-y, I knew we wouldn’t be putting up a tree anytime soon. These old Christmas tree balls would be better off taken to the thrift store where they could add color to someone else’s tree. Same with the five strings of lights. I tested them out, replaced a couple bulbs, and onto the give-away pile they went. An ornament that my dad made many years ago made my heart light up when I saw it – it’s a keeper for sure! So is the needlepoint Christmas stocking a family friend made for me when I was a baby.

Some of the items seemed to be a real challenge to decide on; though, if I’m being truthful, it was actually quite easy to discern what I wanted on a Soul or energetic level. The challenge was facing deep-seated beliefs about what is acceptable to let go, toss, or give away. Once I remembered and realigned with the truth that I have the right to choose what stays and what goes based on what feels aligned with my Soul, it all became much easier, and even fun!

The personalized ornaments from my first Christmas were made of some type of metal, so they went on our scrap pile. The Papa Smurf ornament went in the trash. The ninja mask went to the thrift store. While these items held a special personal significance earlier in my life, I don’t feel the same way about them now. Instead, when I held them, I felt stuck. I could almost say I was repelled by them. Even though it might not make logical sense, it felt really good to let them go.

Letting go of so much old stuff has opened up new space for me to explore if and how I want to decorate for the holidays without feeling bound to the shadows of so many Christmases past.

When the process was complete, I ended up giving away the majority of the storage tote’s contents to the thrift store. I kept only five or six items – things that hold a really special significance to me. I felt liberated, empowered, and joyful when I dropped the ornaments and decorations off at the thrift store. The idea that someone else might find these items and see them as treasures that they WANT in their lives is so inspiring!

To be clear, Home Energy Purification is never about how much stuff you can get rid of. It’s not about becoming minimalist (unless it is your heart’s calling to do so). My process with the Christmas decorations would have been a “success” whether I had kept every item in the storage tote, or let go of ALL of them. Home Energy Purification is about getting real with yourself about your relationship with your belongings. Even moreso, it is about getting real with your relationship with yourself.

You also get to be as creative as you want about what to do with the items that no longer resonate with you. Offer them to a family member, drop them at a thrift store, re-gift to friends who would love to have them, have a yard sale, repurpose and give items new life in your own home, recycle them, and, if all else fails, throw them away.

Home Energy Purification can be an entire home process, or it can be applied to just one storage tote. Either way, it is an invitation to reflect honestly on how your belongings are impacting your life and to take action to shift what is stagnant, stale, or outdated according to your own intuitive knowing; according to your truth.

Yours in Vibrancy and Joy,