Whether you’re an essential worker who is serving the public every day (THANK YOU for that) or you are working to flatten the curve by sheltering at home, we are all facing trying times.

As we navigate sickness, death, financial uncertainty and loss, grief, fear, and more on the personal and collective levels due to the spread of COVID, I invite you to seek solace and comfort in a space in your home.

  Do you have a space that feels safe and secure… or even sacred?

If so, consider spending a little time there every day. Perhaps you fix a cup of tea and just sit in stillness. Maybe you put on some music or a favorite podcast and listen to it there. You could light a candle and say a prayer. Meditate or journal or simply breathe.

Allow yourself to be nourished by this space – even if just for five minutes. Your nervous system wants this. Our collective nervous system needs this.

  If you don’t yet have a safe and secure space to retreat into, could you create one?

When I was a little girl, I can remember sitting on the floor in the corner of our dining room next to our big old stereo speaker surrounded by blankets, pillows and toys. My mom would put my favorite records on for me to listen to while I sheltered in my fort. I felt safe, secure, and held in my little corner of the world.

Many spaces have the potential to be transformed into a safe, sacred shelter: a corner of your bedroom, a small space in your living room, or even under your desk or in your car or outside under a special tree. With just a little creativity and imagination, you can give yourself the gift of space to renew and restore.

You may need to do a bit of Purifying and reorganizing to create your sacred space. These episodes of The Let’s Purify! Podcast may help inspire you and provide some helpful guidance:

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I hope this message inspires you to spend time in your existing safe space, or to create one soon. Whether you are navigating COVID stressors or any other situation, a safe sacred home space can provide you with a place to cultivate solace and peace. I hope you’re doing well, and that you and yours are feeling healthy and vibrant, my friend.

If you need help creating your safe space, I’m here for you. Schedule a virtual phone or video chat Clarify to Purify session with me today. We can explore your needs and make a plan for Purifying and creating a special space in your home that is just for you. For your nervous system… for your heart… for your healing.