In my opinion, life is better with a soundtrack. So, of course, I love bringing music into the Home Energy Purification process.

As I share in more depth in this episode, when you listen to music as you Purify you can use it to:

  • Set a high vibration tone for your process
  • Increase inspiration and motivation
  • Shake up old stuck, stagnant energy
  • Tap into a particular era of your life
  • Process and move tough emotions, especially anger

Here are links to the songs I referred to:

Let It All Go ~ Beats Antique I dare you to try to sit still with THIS playing!

Medicine ~ Rising Appalachia

Wider Circles ~ Rising Appalachia

Resilient ~ Rising Appalachia I didn’t mention this one in the episode, but oh my… it is so good. If you need to remember your resilience, give it a listen.

Shake It Out ~ Florence + The Machine

Hotel California ~ The Eagles 

And here are some other resources I mentioned:

Clearing Clutter at the Speed of Sound ~ Steven Halpern

The Let’s Purify! Podcast ~ Episode 12: Exploring Death Cleaning

What songs transport you to a different era? What songs bring a smile to your face and get you dancing? Have you started Purifying with music playing? I’d love to know! Email me at

Until next time, keep on purifying! 🙂