Spring is here and everyone seems to be decluttering lately!

Just because the decluttering bug is going around, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for you to catch it. While the benefits of decluttering and Purifying your home are pretty incredible, it does require some focused time and energy to work through all that stuff. It’s okay if it’s not quite time for you to dive in!

In today’s episode, I share some tips for how to sense from within whether you’re ready to do a big home decluttering and Purification. It can be such a significant process, so it’s really important to approach it with eyes wide open and a truly willing, ready heart.

If you ARE ready and feeling the call to Purify, then I’ve got amazing news for you! I am looking for 4 to 6 amazing soulful people who are ready to Purify to help me test my new 12-week online coaching program, Purify Your Home, for a wildly discounted price!


You can read all the details below to sense if this opportunity is a fit for you. If you have questions, please email me at

The podcast will be on pause for the month of April 2019. Episodes will resume on Wednesday, May 1. I’m looking forward to chatting with you about Purify Your Home! Until then, keep on purifying! 🙂

Purify Your Home is a brand new twelve-week one-on-one online coaching program designed especially for soulful, sensitive ones like you. It’s for folks who are eager and ready to finally clear the clutter from their homes and their lives, but who need some support, direction, and loving accountability to get there.

In the sacred container of Purify Your Home, the decluttering process is transformed from an overwhelming task you keep putting off to a holistic and intuitive spiritual journey of self-discovery. Boring old “decluttering” becomes “Home Energy Purification”: a journey you can’t wait to start, an effective method you enjoy while you’re deep in the process, and a spiritual practice you benefit from the rest of your life.


The Purify Your Home program includes:

  • Twelve 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (held via Zoom video conferencing) for diving deep into your process, helping you move through the areas you feel stuck, providing loving accountability, and tapping into spiritual guidance and your inner wisdom.
  • Twelve weekly lessons and self-discovery exercises (delivered directly to your email inbox) that will guide you through the Home Energy Purification process step-by-step.    
  • Unlimited email and text support for accountability, encouragement, and celebrating wins between sessions.
  • A total of 15 weeks to complete the 12-week program! To provide flexibility and space to honor your unique process, I have added an extra 3 weeks to complete the 12-week program. This way if you need to pause, slow down, or regroup you can do so with grace and ease.
  • A few minutes of daily distance Reiki channeling to provide high vibration energetic support. During my morning meditation time, I will send Reiki to you and your process.


For a short time this Spring

I am offering Purify Your Home for

just $888. (USD)

If your jaw dropped and your eyes got big because that price tag seems really small, I’m not surprised. It is a really low price for such a big program!

Because Purify Your Home is a brand new program, I want to test it out and be sure all the kinks are worked out before I start offering it for the full price, which will be around $3000 USD.

I’m looking for 4 to 6 soulful and inspired folks who are feeling the call to Purify and who are open to testing this program out with me!

This offer will be open until those 4 to 6 spots are filled, or until April 30, whichever comes first!

Are you feeling the call? Is your heart crying out, “Yes, yes! This is for me!”?



This offer is specifically for soulful people who are ready to dive in and Purify. It is for you if you are willing and able to dedicate at least 5 to 10 hours per week to your Purification process.

It is also for you if you are excited to be part of a new program and willing to provide feedback on your experience so I can fine tune and improve the program as we go.

If you have a great experience with Purify Your Home, I would deeply appreciate you writing a testimonial that I can share with others who are considering joining Purify Your Home.


If you are intrigued by this offer, but know that you don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to the process now and over the next 12 to 15 weeks, please wait to apply until you know the timing is right for you.

If you have hoarding disorder or other issues contributing to a troublesome relationship with clutter that require therapy, please seek the appropriate professional help you need. Purify Your Home is not a counseling or therapy program, and it is important that you receive the level of care that you need.


If Purify Your Home is calling to your heart and soul, and you know that the time is right, I encourage you to take the next step and apply right now.

You’ll pick an appointment time and complete a brief application. We’ll talk on the phone for 30 minutes or so, and if Purify Your Home is a match for you, we’ll dive right in!


If Purify Your Home doesn’t fully resonate with you right now, that’s okay, too. Feel free to email me any time with questions you may have at You can also join my email list if you’d like to be kept up to date on the program, this offering, and the podcast.

The Home Energy Purification method and the Purify Your Home program were delivered to me via Universal inspiration. It is my soul’s calling to serve you, your soul, and your home as you Purify. I’m here to inspire, listen, hold sacred space, ask open questions, teach new skills, and provide a path for you to navigate and release the accumulated belongings that are no longer serving you.

I’m so excited to connect with you and honored to be part of your journey!