Dawn Tule, owner of Mella Luna Studios in Mt. Holly Springs, Pa, attended the very first Intro to Home Energy Purification workshop waaaaay back in January. Dawn teaches yoga, provides energetic healing, and is an (((amazing))) animal communicator.

In this episode, Dawn shares many beautiful aspects of her Purification process, both from the workshop experience itself and in the weeks that followed. It was challenging to pick just one aspect for the episode’s title focus…

At one point I nearly teared up as she shared that her process has shifted from feeling burdensome to feeling like a “loving gesture.” What an amazing shift – and you can see why I chose it for the title!

Dawn also shared that her perspective has changed from “how can I get rid of all this stuff?” to “how can I give myself more freedom?”.

We talk about letting go of belongings that represented an over-focus on the future and ‘potential’. We also touched on guilt, shame, generational patterns of holding onto belongings, re-gifting, and much more.

I hope you enjoy the inspiration and light that Dawn brings to our conversation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Intro to Home Energy Purification Workshop via Conference Call

If you’ve been interested in attending an in-person workshop and it hasn’t worked out yet due to timing or distance, you’re in luck!

On Saturday, October 20th from 1pm to 3pm EST I’ll be hosting the first ever Intro to Home Energy Purification workshop via conference call.

This intimate, small group experience is open to 5 people. You’ll get to participate from the comfort and convenience of your home. How magical!

And the investment is magical too at just $25. 🙂

In this workshop, I’ll cover all of the Home Energy Purification basics plus some other specific questions folks have been asking about recently. You’ll get to share a little about what interested you in the workshop, and you will have time to ask any questions you have about your unique Purification process.

If you’re not convinced about the power of these workshops yet, check out Episode 004 to hear Jenn’s story of transformation after her participation in one!

To register, email me at michael@letspurify.energy

or go right to PayPal.

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I’m looking forward to connecting with you, friend.

Until next time – keep on purifying!