What if there were a new approach to home decluttering that transformed it from a never-ending cycle to a meaningful spiritual journey?

What if you could declutter in a way that minimized overwhelm and maximized peace?

What if there were a soulful step-by-step program that kept you inspired, empowered, and efficiently moving forward as you mindfully declutter?

Welcome to Purify Your Home

Purify Your Home is a coaching program designed especially for soulful, sensitive ones like you. It’s for folks who are ready to finally clear the clutter from their homes, but who need some support, direction, and loving accountability to get there.

In the sacred container of this twelve-week program, the decluttering process is transformed from an overwhelming task you keep putting off to a holistic spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Boring old “decluttering” becomes “Home Energy Purification”:

~ a journey you can’t wait to start

~ an effective method you enjoy while you’re deep in the process

~ a spiritual practice you benefit from the rest of your life

When you Purify your home, you create space for what matters most.

What is included in Purify Your Home?

Twelve 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Held online via video conferencing, these sessions are for diving deep into your process, helping you move through stuck areas, providing accountability, and tapping into your inner wisdom.

Sessions are 45 to 50 minutes.

A Step-by-Step Written Program

The written program leads you step-by-step through six phases. It’s like having a loving guide by your side as you get organized, prepared, and start Purifying. You receive lifetime access to the downloadable PDFs (including future updates) accessed from a password-protected webpage.

Unlimited Email and Text Support

In between coaching sessions, feel free to reach out as often as needed for accountability, encouragement, and celebrating wins! As your Home Energy Coach, I am here for you each step of the way.

Daily Distance Reiki Channeling

Each day during my morning meditation time, I’ll send you and your process a few minutes of distance Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy). This provides an extra boost of high-vibration energetic support!

You also receive a total of 15 weeks to complete the 12-week program! To provide flexibility and space to honor your unique process, I have added an extra 3 weeks to complete the 12-week program. This way if you need to pause, slow down, or regroup you can do so with grace and ease.

Our coaching sessions and the written program will guide you to:

  • Intentionally open up time, as well as emotional and mental ‘bandwidth’, to actively engage in your process.

  • Create a vision for your Purified home so you have a ‘destination’ to inspire and motivate you throughout the journey.

  • Thoroughly plan and prepare so you feel ready, empowered, and excited for what’s to come.

  • Develop your ‘intuitive sorting skill’ so you can make efficient and soul-centered decisions.

  • Integrate your favorite spiritual practices and energy tools like meditation, mindfulness, crystals, sage, altars, oracle cards, and sound/vibrational tools for shifting and transmuting energy.

  • Use ceremony and ritual, as needed or as you feel guided, to say goodbye to what you’re releasing and integrate what you’re choosing to keep.

  • Attend to your self-care so you can maintain a high vibration and energy level throughout your process.

What people are saying about Purify Your Home:

Before I started Purify Your Home, my frustration with decluttering was overwhelming! After even an hour of trying to declutter, I would be exhausted and emotionally drained.

With what I’ve learned in Purify Your Home, I have made tremendous progress in my Purification process. I realize now that holding on to so much of my old stuff was a weight that was holding me back from new and better experiences.

Purify Your Home’s holistic approach utilizes Spiritual, Emotional and Practical tools to help remove all of the potential resistance on all levels of our being. I definitely needed that holistic approach; nothing else that I have tried has worked so effectively.

I can’t recommend Purify Your Home highly enough! You will be amazed by how much your life can change for the better. Plus, Michael is simply a pleasure to work with!

Bob W.

Newtown, PA

Until Purify Your Home, I really had no idea of the sad, bad energy these old things held for me, and how much it was affecting me in the background. I thank you so much for that clarity and for making me aware of these things so I can let them go.

Virginia H.

Belmont, MI

Who is this program for?

  • Purify Your Home is designed specifically for soulful people who are ready to dive in and Purify.

  • It is for you if you are willing and able to dedicate at least 5 to 10 hours per week to your Purification process.

  • The program is a great fit for people who want a blend of ‘self-study’ using the program materials and coaching sessions for support.

  • It is for you if you are open to exploring your relationship with your belongings, and willing to consider letting go of things that are no longer serving you.

Who should not sign up for this program?

Purify Your Home is not for everyone.

  • This program is a life-changing and intense experience. Think of it like signing up for a semester-long class or dedicating a season to a particular life pursuit.

  • If you are intrigued about the program, but know that you don’t have the time, energy, or emotional reserves to dedicate to the process now and over the next 12 to 15 weeks, please wait to apply until you know the timing is right for you.

  • If you have hoarding disorder or other issues contributing to a troublesome relationship with clutter that require therapy, please seek the appropriate professional help you need. Purify Your Home is not a counseling or therapy program, and it is important that you receive the level of care that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm newer to the spiritual path and I don't know a lot about using energy tools. Could Purify Your Home still help me declutter?

Most definitely. If you have an interest in the spiritual path and are open to applying what you already know as well as learning a few new things, Purify Your Home could be a great fit for you.

However, please note that Purify Your Home is not a course in spirituality and using energy tools. It will be helpful to be familiar with one or two spiritual practices like meditation and mindfulness before you dive in.

Let’s schedule a time to talk together to see if the program is a good fit for where you currently are on your spiritual path. Email me at michael@letspurify.energy.

My (spouse / partner / roommate / adult child / other family member) and I want to Purify together. Do you work with couples/family members?

Purify Your Home can be a great fit for couples and family members who are Purifying their home together. For everyone to have the most success in the program, I require couples and families to be able to communicate openly and effectively with each other prior to joining the program, and to have similar goals for their process.

Because of the in-depth nature of this work and the fact that decisions are being made about deeply personal matters, participation in Purify Your Home can potentially stir up some conflict. My coaching services are not a substitute for couples and family counseling services.

Partner Add-On

For two people residing in the same home who are planning to Purify their individual and shared belongings together, I offer the following add-on to the full program:

  • Four additional 45- to 50-minute coaching sessions (held via Zoom video conferencing)
  • Lifetime access to the  program materials for both partners   
  • Unlimited email and text support for both partners
  • Daily distance Reiki channeling for both partners and their home


I'm not great with tech stuff. Could we have our sessions via phone instead of video conferencing?

Meeting via video conferencing provides an additional layer to our connection. We get to see each other’s beautiful faces and it also allows people to show me their homes in real time during sessions. If, due to weak internet or other significant technical issues, video conferencing is not possible, I do consider phone sessions on a case-by-case basis.

 I am also open to occasional phone sessions once we have established our coaching relationship in the first few sessions.

What is your refund policy?

Immediately upon enrollment in Purify Your Home, you receive access to the complete written program materials. This written program walks you step-by-step through the Purification process.  Due to the inherent value in the program materials, and because your success in the program is dependent on your level of commitment, I do not offer refunds on the program.

(If there are significant, severe unforeseen circumstances, I am willing to explore a partial refund on a case by case basis.)

I’m happy to answer any questions you have to see if the program is a great fit for you before you commit to it. Email me at michael@letspurify.energy.  

What is your availability for coaching sessions?

 My hours of availability for coaching sessions are typically:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 9am and 5pm (Eastern time zone)
  • Friday between 10am and 3pm (Eastern time zone)

Occasionally I am able to open up other time slots. If this is a concern for you, let’s see what we can work out together! Email me at michael@letspurify.energy.

Do I have to be at my home for our video conference coaching sessions?

While it can be helpful to be home during our sessions, and close to the things you are Purifying, it is not required or necessary for you to be at your home for every session. As long as you are prepared and ready to explore the things that you are struggling with and the things that are going well, you can Zoom from any convenient, quiet location.

Michael, I'm ready to join Purify Your Home! How do I sign up?

That is so exciting! Go ahead and click the SIGN UP button to access my calendar to set up a call time and complete a brief questionnaire. We’ll chat on the phone for 20 minutes or so to make sure we’re a good fit to work together. If we both say ‘Yes!’, I’ll get you started with the program right away.

I still have some questions. How do I contact you?

I’m happy to answer your questions! You can email me at michael@letspurify.energy. If I can address them quickly via email, I’ll do that. If they are more in-depth, we can set up a time to chat.

Next Steps

If Purify Your Home is calling to your heart and soul, and you know that the time is right, I encourage you to take the next step and sign up right now. You’ll pick an appointment time and complete a brief application. We’ll talk on the phone for 30 minutes or so, and if Purify Your Home is a match for you, we’ll dive right in!

If Purify Your Home it doesn’t fully resonate with you right now, that’s okay, too. Feel free to email me any time with questions you may have at michael@letspurify.energy.

The Home Energy Purification method and the Purify Your Home program were delivered to me via Universal inspiration.

It is my soul’s calling to serve you, your soul, and your home as you Purify.

I’m here to inspire, listen, hold sacred space, ask open questions, teach new skills, and provide a path for you to navigate and release the accumulated belongings that are no longer serving you.

I’m so excited to connect with you and honored to be part of your journey!