Caitlin Clarke shares about what she experienced in a 90-minute Home Energy Purification phone session with me that took place in November 2018.

Caitlin and her husband had accumulated thousands of digital photos on a variety of old electronics over the past 12 years. The presence of this box of electronics was draining energy and causing disharmony in their home.

Caitlin describes the transformation that she experienced during our session. She was able to move from totally stuck to creating an effective plan to purify these photos.

Caitlin is passionate about helping others love themselves fully, just as they are, in order to live their life authentically and with joy. In both her personal life as a mom and wife and her professional life as a psychologist and life coach, she artfully blends western psychology with eastern healing and spiritual practices including yoga, mindfulness, and reiki. Connect with Caitlin at Life Authentic Coaching.

You can read her insights about the impact our stuff has on body, mind, and spirit in her blog post: We Are What We See.

Caitlin referenced ‘the friendly gnome episode‘ during our interview. You can check out Episode 4 here: Sorting Through a Box of Old Photos: Jenn’s Story.

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