I recently realized that I haven’t yet shared an important piece of the story about how I came to start using the words ‘purification‘ and ‘purify‘ to describe my work.

These words can have an intensity to them. They can also be perceived differently by each person, so I want to be clear about where I’m coming from.

I also invite you to tune in to what purification and purifying your living space means to you.

You’ll hear about how my experience with 21-day seasonal cleanses – a purification of the physical body – led me to begin purifying the space around me.

Here is the Facebook event page for the Autumn Attunement Cleanse that is currently underway. (Wishing I had timed this episode differently so you could dive into the cleanse if it is calling to you! You can always tune in with Tara and Marianne for the Winter Attunement.)

The facilitators of these amazing experiences are Tara Matthews of Soul Body Ojai in Ojai, CA, and Marianne Mitchell of The Center Within in Black Mountain, NC.

Let me know what purification means to you! You can email me directly at michael@letspurify.energy.

If you want my support to clarify what your Home Energy Purification process means to you, schedule a Clarify to Purify Interview & Planning Session today. You can also sign up for my special conference call-style Intro to Home Energy Purification workshop! Saturday, October 20th, from 1 to 3pm eastern. $25. Head over to PayPal to hold your spot!

I can’t wait to hear what purification means to you.

Until next time, keep on purifying! 🙂