Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to questions people often ask about Home Energy Purification.
What is Home Energy Purification?
Home Energy Purification (HEP) is both a service that I offer/facilitate and a spiritual practice. It is a process that helps soulful people (like you!) to become more clear about what they choose to have in their lives, including belongings as well as other aspects of life.

The HEP service incorporates spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, and practical/logistical aspects of sorting through the stuck “stuff” that accumulates in our home spaces so you can feel totally prepared and supported to get started and follow through with your unique process.

You can learn more about HEP on the About Home Energy Purification page.

How do I know if Home Energy Purification is right for me?
Home Energy Purification (HEP) could be a good fit for you if you have accumulated belongings (in any quantity/amount) in your home or stored elsewhere that you struggle to sort through or let go, and it is feeling more and more important for you to address them.

HEP tends to fit really well for folks who are interested in incorporating spiritual practices into their lives, and who believe in a holistic approach to most anything.

HEP is great for:

  • Seekers exploring their spiritual paths and their relationship with personal belongings and the material world.
  • Empty nesters who have found their “empty nests” are full of stuff that doesn’t represent who they currently are or where they are headed in their next phase of life.
  • People experiencing ongoing grief from the loss of a loved one or other loss and who are struggling to let go of the objects that represent that which was lost.
  • Creatives whose creative spaces are so overrun with supplies, projects, and general clutter that they find it impossible to use their space effectively.

Still not sure if HEP is right for you? Let’s schedule a free 15-minute consultation to chat so I can answer your specific questions.

How long will my Home Energy Purification process take?
Each Home Energy Purification (HEP) process is unique and flexible.

From a practical standpoint, there are several time-related factors to consider:

  • The volume of accumulated belongings you will be exploring
    • A single box or one item will likely require less time and energy to sort through than an entire room or home.
  • The amount of time you are willing and able to commit to your process daily, weekly, or monthly
    • The more consistently you are able to dedicate time to your process, the more likely the process is to gather the speed and energy to move forward.
  • The quality of your emotional or energetic attachment to the items you are exploring
    • Objects or belongings that feel highly charged with emotions, beliefs, or other attachments sometimes (not always) require time for processing and unwinding, which can increase the overall time of an HEP process.

From a spiritual or energetic standpoint, the amount of time the HEP process will take becomes less important than the gifts you may receive as you say ‘Yes’ to the process, your vision, and your intentions.

Why do you use the words 'purification' and 'purify'?
The idea behind using the words ‘purification’ and ‘purify’ is to purify away anything from our living spaces and from our energy fields that doesn’t reflect the Truth (with a capital T) of who we are. Home Energy Purification (HEP) is not about a standard of perfection or everything being pristine – it’s not that kind of ‘purity’. The intention is not to strip everything away. The intention is to be left with a purified space that reflects the Truth of who you are. And the Truth of who we are in the human experience can be messy and complicated and uproarious and sweet – it’s all of these things – and more. When we purify our homes, we are often able to better feel our own resonance and be in harmony with the Truth of who we really are.
You used to be a counselor. Do you use your counseling skills with Home Energy Purification?
I absolutely bring my counseling skills into our Home Energy Purification (HEP) sessions, and sometimes the sessions may feel like counseling depending on what your needs are.

It is not uncommon for a client to want to explore and process a wide variety of thoughts, feelings, and emotions related to the HEP process. When we are sorting through all of our ‘stuff’ many old stories and experiences can rise to the surface that were not fully addressed at the time of the original experience. My counseling skills help me to be able to help you to feel, make sense of, and release these old experiences and patterns. This is the beauty of Home Energy Purification.

You can learn more about my background, other trainings and experience, and credentials on the About Me page.

Why do you offer sessions online and on the phone instead of in my home?
I work remotely with folks for a few reasons with Home Energy Purification (HEP). When I discovered my passion for HEP, I knew I wanted to share it with people all over the US and around the world! Meeting for sessions by phone and online allows me and HEP to be accessible to support many more people in their processes.

For people who are local to the South Central PA area where I live, I still opt to offer sessions remotely for cost and time efficiency since this way I don’t have to travel to each client’s home.

Because of our inherent energetic connection and Oneness, I find that I am able to cultivate deep connections with my clients even though we are not in the same room together. Technology also allows the way for me to “see” client’s home spaces and progress when they share live or recorded videos or photos.

I want to get started with Home Energy Purification, and my partner isn't interested. Can I still move forward?
Definitely! It is common for people who share a living space to not be in the exact same stage of readiness or level of interest, for various reasons, when it comes to embarking on a journey like Home Energy Purification (HEP). Even if your ultimate vision is to work through your entire home, including shared objects, I encourage you to begin with you.

You and I can work together as you explore the accumulated belongings that are solely yours, and you can develop your unique way of being with HEP.

As you are shedding old baggage and experiencing greater freedom from your ‘stuff’, your partner’s interest in HEP may naturally increase. And it may not. Most importantly, you are moving forward with what is calling to you and creating space for new possibilities within your home and even your relationship.

Want to talk more about your unique situation? Let’s schedule a free 15-minute consultation so we can chat.

Will you get bored hearing about all of my clutter and "stuff"?
Not. At. All. As a matter of fact, Home Energy Purification and people’s experiences and processes with their ‘stuff’ is one of my favorite topics to talk about! (Just ask my family and friends…)

I love the insights and aha moments that I get to witness and celebrate as my clients discover new aspects of themselves that are woven into the boxes and bags of objects they are sorting through.

What if there is something I'm not ready to sort through yet?
I think it is cause for celebration when my clients are able to tune into their Truth and know what they are ready to sort through and what needs to wait. HEP is an ongoing spiritual practice and nothing needs to be forced.

So, if you begin your HEP process knowing there are things you aren’t ready to address yet, or you uncover some along the way, together we will make space for those objects to be right where they are.

Does what we talk about in our sessions remain confidential?
Absolutely. Unless I have your verbal or written permission to share that we are working together, I do not disclose any aspects of our work or even that you are my client.

And of course, you have the right to share about our HEP sessions in whatever way feels right to you.

When are you available for sessions?
I am generally available for sessions Monday through Friday from 9am to 6:30pm. I don’t offer sessions later into the evening because I am an early riser and by the time 6:30 or 7pm rolls around, I’m shot!

I also offer sessions two Saturday mornings per month between 9am and 12noon.

How do I get started and schedule my first session?
All you need to do is send an email or give me a call with some days and times that you’re available. Head over to the Contact Me page and we’ll set up an appointment ASAP!

Once we schedule our initial appointment, I’ll have some online paperwork for you to complete through my secure client portal.

Let’s Purify!

I'm not ready for individual sessions. Are there other ways for us to stay in touch?

Diving in to your ‘stuff’ is a big deal. I’m glad you’re clear on your needs and readiness.

I have an email list that you can join here. I send emails periodically with information about upcoming workshops and events as well as other HEP tips and inspirations.

I also have a weekly Let’s Purify! Podcast. I share HEP tips and inspirations here, as well as interviews with folks about their HEP processes. Check it out!

I have a Home Energy Purification story I'd love to share. Could I be interviewed on The Let's Purify! Podcast?
Awesome! Email me and share a little about you and your HEP story. I’ll review it and be in touch!