About Me

Hi!  I’m Michael Spencer, your Home Energy Purification coach.

The Home Energy Purification process was born out of my own experience  of sorting through and releasing old baggage. I had a lot of boxes of accumulated belongings that I had been carrying along from home to home and closet to closet over the past 2 decades. I came to realize that I wasn’t conscious of exactly what I was holding onto or why.

I had tried to sort through these boxes over the years without success. I would have awesome intentions, take the lid off a box, and get totally overwhelmed. The lid went back on. The box returned to the closet. And I tried to ignore the nagging feeling that I was avoiding addressing something important; some part of myself.

One day, while sitting with a large file box of old photos (hundreds of them!), I felt inspired to work with this box differently than ever before. I started by grounding myself with meditation and burning sage. I allowed myself to drop below my “thinking mind” – you know, all of those beliefs and ideas about what we “should” do or are “supposed” to do with our stuff. I tuned in with my intuition and allowed that to lead the way. The results were amazing. I became crystal clear about which photos I wanted to keep and which I wanted to offer to others or toss.

It was so freeing!

I began incorporating other aspects of my spiritual practices into my Home Energy Purification process. I added crystals, feathers, or an oracle card to a box to help shift the energy. I used ritual and ceremony to let go of items I felt complete with. I journaled with aspects of myself that were connected to various objects. I was making awesome progress and was even having fun!

Eventually I made my way through my entire home, with collaboration from my husband on shared objects, like the kitchen contents and some of our books. I shed so much excess ‘stuff’ that I was no longer using, no longer reflected my current  stage of life, or that simply no longer resonated with me. By far, this was the most liberating and clarifying experience of my life.

I feel more conscious and aware today about what I am choosing to carry with me – both the objects in my home and the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in my energy field – than I have ever felt before. I am also much more aware of the impact I have on the environment and our planet.

My own process helped me purify away more old ‘stuff’ (both external and internal) than I could have ever imagined possible. Being able to witness others connect with their intuition, honor their life journeys, and become clear about what stays and what goes is now my very favorite thing to do!

Now, even though I was really successful with my own Home Energy Purification process, you might be wondering if I’m actually qualified to help you with yours. Let me share a little bit about my professional background.

I have a masters degree in mental health counseling and practiced as a counselor for 8 years. I have training in Reiki and experience incorporating energy work into client sessions.

I also completed a 10-month modern day mystery school program where we studied and practiced a wide variety of spiritual topics including Practical Mysticism, Ritual and Ceremony, the Mechanics of the Universe, Visioning, Circle Work, Meditation, Energy Work, Breath Work, Sound Healing, Prayer, Kundalini Yoga, the Sacred Feminine, and more.

My Credentials:

  • Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, Shippensburg University, 2009
  • Modern Day Priestess Mystery School, Institute of Modern Wisdom, 2016
  • Reiki I and Reiki II, 2015
  • Reiki III, July 2016

Since completing my own Home Energy Purification experience, I have honed the techniques into a comprehensive 3-month program.

I incorporate expertise from my former career as a counselor and energy worker to help you unwind the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical attachments you may have to your ‘stuff’, so you can feel light and free like never before!

If you’ve tried (and tried and tried) to sort through and clear your old accumulated belongings, but you constantly end up putting the lid back on, closing the closet door, or folding up the attic hatch promising yourself you’ll get to it later, I can help.

Use the contact form and information below  to reach out with any questions you may have. Or, if you’re ready to dive in, consider applying for a 45-minute free Discovery Call with me. We’ll sort out what’s been holding you back and make a plan to get you purifying right away! Let’s do this – Let’s Purify! 

  Contact Me

Contact Information

Phone: 717-385-8382 Email: michael@letspurify.energy

A Little More About Me

I live with my husband on a 2-acre homestead near the small town of Newville, Pennsylvania. We garden, tend to our chickens, and live a generally chill lifestyle. We have 5 cats living with us who provide endless entertainment and love. Being an introvert, I love to read, hike, and have deep conversations with my friends. My daily practices include yoga, meditation, and, of course, Home Energy Purification. I can’t wait to connect and learn a little more about you!