About Home Energy Purification

Home Energy Purification is all about your relationship with your ‘stuff’.

stuff, n.[stuhf]

  1. the accumulated belongings in your home, particularly as stored in your attic, basement, garage, closet, junk drawer, etc., that have become stagnant or stuck energetically and don’t reflect the truth of who you really are
  2. the stagnant or stuck emotions, beliefs, and attachments you carry in your energy field and body as related to 1.

Synonym: clutter

The Home Energy Purification (HEP) process helps you to gently (or fiercely) purify away anything in your life that does not reflect the truth of who you really are. It is about becoming crystal clear about what you choose to carry with you – in your home, in your heart, and in your life.

HEP Philosophy

The accumulated belongings in your attic, basement, garage, and closet can carry emotional and energetic weight. Home Energy Purification is about providing inspiration, guidance, and support as you sort through all of the stuck ‘stuff’ in your life. HEP is about the quest for knowing your Truth and becoming crystal clear about what you choose to have in your life on every level of awareness. It is about the circulation of objects and energy in your home, in your energy field, and in our world.

HEP Methods

Working together via online or phone sessions, I help you get prepared to begin and follow through with your Home Energy Purification process.  We’ll tap into a vision based on your intuition and input from Source/Spirit/the Universe/God. We’ll create a practical plan so you have a path to follow. I’ll share lots of fun and creative ways to integrate energy tools (like crystals, oracle cards, sound tools, and much more!) into your process. We’ll explore, process, and release old emotions, beliefs, and attachments. And we will celebrate all that you accomplish!

HEP Intentions

I am excited to learn about your unique intentions for your HEP process. Some people have a need to explore their attachment to one item while others are ready to purify several rooms or their entire home. Whatever your intentions, I am here to support you. HEP is all about discovering and activating your Truth. There are no expectations about what your process will look like. Whether you let go of thousands of objects or a few, the process – how you feel, what you discover, what inner shifts you experience – is what it’s all about.

Apply for Your Free Discovery Call

During this free 45-minute in-depth Discovery Call, we’ll get to talk one-on-one. We’ll explore what has been holding you back from getting started and following through with your decluttering process. You’ll get to share your needs, desires, and intentions for your Home Energy Purification process. We’ll explore your resistance and hesitations, discover your inspirations, and create a plan for getting started immediately on your journey of purifying and creating more open space in your home and your life.

Purification Coaching

Purification Coaching is a 3-month comprehensive program that provides full support and inspiration for your full Home Energy Purification process. Mindfully designed for folks who are facing a BIG clean-out (a full home; a jam-packed attic, basement, or storage space; spaces in multiple locations), this program integrates visioning, intention-setting, emotional support, and logistical planning so you can feel totally prepared to get started and follow through on your path to freedom from your ‘stuff’!