Does the idea of diving into purifying your attic, basement, or entire home feel overwhelming or terrifying to you? Fear not!

Today, Mary Jane shares about how she has started small and accomplished a LOT!

Mary Jane has lived in her home for over 30 years. Like most folks who have lived in one place for a long time, she has accumulated a lot of stuff. She doesn’t want her kids (and I’m one of them – Mary Jane is my mom) to have to clean out her home. However, the idea of getting started on the attic or basement feels like too much right now.

Mary Jane talks about how she has allowed the flow of her life to motivate and ‘kick start’ her to take action on purifying small areas of her living space.

She shares that Home Energy Purification is “becoming a way of life” for her. Letting go of bad habits and tangible stuff has lightened her life and now “a lot of big gray clouds are gone”.

Mary Jane shares that she has donated clothing and other household goods to Community Aid. Community Aid is a thrift store and donation organization in south central PA. Here’s a link in case you’re local to this area and need a place to donate some of your old stuff.

If you’re feeling inspired about Home Energy Purification and aren’t sure where to start, consider scheduling a Clarify to Purify Interview & Planning Session with me. You’ll have an opportunity to:

  • explore exactly what needs purified
  • understand why the process is important to you
  • assess your level of readiness
  • create a brief plan for you to get started

Whether you decide to start big or start small, you’ll be taking action in the direction you want to go. And that’s what counts!

Until next time, keep on purifying! 🙂