The Let's Purify! Podcast

The Let's Purify! Podcast is your go-to source for Home Energy Purification inspiration! Tips, ideas, stories, and more dedicated to decluttering, downsizing, and becoming crystal clear about your relationship with your 'stuff'.

5 Tips for Conscious Gift Giving

 We have all received gifts that haven't quite 'hit the mark' and may have struggled with what to do with them. We have also probably given gifts that didn't really resonate with the receiver. These ill fitting gifts can accumulate in our homes and later need to be...

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Sorting Through Holiday Decorations & Traditions

Holiday decorations can live with us for decades and decades. When we bring them out of storage each year we have the opportunity to sort through and feel which ones still resonate. The same is true for holiday traditions. We may go through each year's traditions with...

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Digital Decluttering with Sarah Steckler

Are your laptop, desktop, and phone a total mess with digital clutter?? I know all of mine are... Thankfully the wonderful and talented Sarah Steckler, Mindfulness Practitioner and Productivity Strategist of, is here to help us out! Digital...

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