The Let's Purify! Podcast

The Let's Purify! Podcast is a weekly podcast about getting inspired to sort through the stuff in your attic, basement, closets and corners, and purifying away anything that no longer serves the vibrant being you are becoming. It's about awakening, energy, and how letting go of your old stuff can propel you forward on your path. You'll receive tips, ideas, stories, and more dedicated to decluttering, downsizing, and becoming crystal clear about your relationship with your 'stuff'.

Declaring Independence From Your Stuff

Do you feel like your 'stuff' (your accumulated belongings, clutter, etc.) has a hold on you? When you look around your home, do you feel stuck in the past? Do the emotions associated with that stuff keep you from moving forward in life? If so, you may benefit from...

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The Good News About Landfill Guilt

'Landfill guilt' is the sensation that many sensitive, spiritual, and environmentally conscious people feel about throwing things away. We really don't want our old broken stuff adding more volume to the already overflowing landfills as we Purify and declutter our...

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