Sorting through the belongings of a loved one who has passed away can bring up so much.

A listener requested this episode because she has a box of her late mother’s photos that she hasn’t yet had the courage to explore.

Maybe you can relate to the tender fears she shared:

  • Afraid to dredge up the ouchie spots
  • Afraid to have to throw some out
  • Afraid for sobbing
  • Afraid to see her eyes and her smile
  • Afraid of being overwhelmed again with how much I miss her

Tune in for Home Energy Purification-inspired tips and ideas for navigating grief. When we face our deepest emotions and allow our intuition to guide us, exploring these belongings can lead to inner growth. It can evolve our grief process and create a portal for healing.

I drew an Angel card for guidance prior to recording this episode.

Faith was the perfect message for belongings that truly require courage to face.

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Many blessings and until next time – keep the Faith and keep on purifying!