Is your filing cabinet stuffed to the gills and overflowing with old, outdated papers? Are you holding on to records, bills, and paper data because you’re not sure how long to retain them or if you actually need them?

All of that paper and its associated energy can really weigh you down.

If you’re ready to Purify your filing cabinet and let go of the paper you no longer need or want, this episode is for you!

I go over nine practical and doable steps to effectively Purify your filing cabinet. From creating a vision to actually disposing of the papers you’re letting go of, this episode is packed with valuable information! (And no extra papers that you’ll need to file later… 🙂 )

The shredding service in the south central Pennsylvania area that I refer to is Shredding Solutions.

Are you feeling the call to Purify your home? If so, my Purify Your Home 12-week coaching program may be exactly what you need for individualized support, loving accountability, and to add a little soulful fun to the process!

Let’s connect on a phone call to see if Purify Your Home is the next step in your spiritual journey!