Since The Let’s Purify! Podcast is on pause for the month of December, I thought I would re-publish a blog post from last December. I hope it will be useful as you are navigating holiday parties in the coming weeks!

Hey there, how was your Thanksgiving? I hope you had a fantastic time, felt charged up with light, and enjoyed being with your people! If, on the other hand, you had some trouble staying centered and vibrant during the get together, you’re not alone.

It can be challenging to maintain awareness of your inner being while socializing at holiday gatherings, especially if you’re a sensitive person. Also, if you’re socializing with people who aren’t in your spiritual tribe, you may not think to incorporate the awesome energy practices that you know can be helpful in maintaining energetic balance.

A glass of wine here, a bunch of appetizers there, a questionable political comment or two and, before you know it, you’re spinning! But it doesn’t have to be that way – I have some tips to help you stay mindful of your energetic vibration so you can be centered, vibrant, and truly enjoy yourself and your peeps in the next few weeks. I use many of these myself, and find they’re also helpful in avoiding social and food/beverage hangovers!


You can harmonize your energy field with the party’s energy field before you even arrive. Between the time you RSVP “Yes” to the party and when you get there, you can prepare and start to harmonize, which will go a long way in helping you to feel less “shocked,” and more energetically aligned, when you arrive in a place with so much activity and so many people.

Here are some ways to harmonize:

  • Send positive energy, intentions, prayer, and/or Reiki to the gathering itself, the location of the gathering, and all attendees.
  • Bless the gathering and all attendees with a loving kindness meditation.
  • Visualize vibrant white light surrounding the party location, yourself, and all attendees.


There are so many ways to charge up your energy field – use one, some, or all of these tips so you can move into a party experience from a space that feels both grounded and expansive.

Here are a few suggestions for charging your field before you head out to the party:

  • Since colors carry an energetic charge, include color in your party outfit considerations. Go with colors that help you feel uplifted and happy.
  • Carry crystals of your choice in your pocket (or tiny ones in your bra!) to strengthen and protect your energy field. For instance, black tourmaline absorbs negative energies while rose quartz amplifies loving energy.
  • Send positive energy, intentions, prayer, and/or Reiki to yourself.
  • Never underestimate the power of the breath! A few rounds of alternate nostril breathing, Breath of Fire, Skull Cleansing Breath, or simply some deep, centering breaths can help to anchor you in the present moment, which of course is our ever-present connection to Divine energy.


It can be easy to lose yourself in the swirling energies of a gathering, especially if you are a sensitive person. Sometimes we can reach for too much alcohol or food to numb or tone down how much we’re feeling. Fatty and/or sugary foods and alcohol can have a drastic impact on your energy field when consumed unconsciously.

Here are some ways to stay mindful and make your choices consciously so your energy will support you during and after your get-together:

  • Set intentions before you arrive about how much food and alcohol you plan to consume. If you have a plan ahead of time, you’ll be making choices from a conscious place rather than reacting to the changes in your energy field, thoughts, and emotions brought on by food and alcohol, as well as the energy of others.
  • Rather than making a beeline for the buffet or the bar as soon as you arrive, consider spending a little time mingling when you first arrive to allow your energy to acclimate to the environment. Allow yourself to feel into the harmony you prepared for in Step 1; now, you won’t be using food and alcohol as an energetic buffer and you can truly enjoy the festive hors d’oeuvres and cocktails!
  • Stay tuned in with your inner being and steer clear of folks with whom you don’t resonate. This frees you up to enjoy the company of people who are uplifting, fun, and a vibrational match for you.


You’re at a party: have fun! There is nothing better for your energy field than genuine joy and laughter.

Here are some ways to keep your field lit up with joy:

  • Be mindful of your smile. (See how much lighter you feel right now if you allow a smile to blossom on your beautiful face!)
  • If you’re a hugger (and your people are, too), hug your fellow party people and spread love and good cheer.
  • Dance! Moving your body can be a great way to shift your energy, so if the music is turned up, go ahead and dance.


What spiritual blog post would be complete without mentioning gratitude? It may actually sound a little cliche at first, but I have to say that gratitude is VITAL to keeping your vibration high and strong. When you are grateful, you are energetically more open, joyful and free. Who doesn’t want to take that to the party?

Here are some ways to keep up your gratitude attitude at your holiday party:

  • Simply say ‘Thank you’ often – let it be a blessing for you and the person to whom you’re expressing your gratitude.
  • If you start to feel worn down, energetically dull, or overwhelmed, take a break. Find a quiet place and breathe. Notice three things you are grateful for in that moment. This is a powerful reset button to open up the heart and re-charge.
  • After the party, reflect on your favorite experiences and send gratitude blessings to all involved.

How do you keep your vibration high during the holidays? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or email me at

Infinite blessings for a high vibration holiday season. May all of your holiday gatherings be vibrant, loving, and deeply satisfying for you and yours.