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Professional Organizer Pam Holland of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing invited me to co-host her Ask the Organizer Q&A event in June 2020. The topic was The Inner Art of Decluttering – and we received some amazing, deep, and soulful questions!

During this August’s Podcast Pause, I’m releasing the audio from that event in a series of 10 parts. While I won’t be sharing any full-length regular episodes this month, you’ll still have plenty to listen to.

We answer questions about the inner aspects of decluttering such as: stuckness, overwhelm, where to begin, self-talk and beliefs, sentimental items and attachment, grief, and more!

Part 1: Introduction


Part 2: Stuckness


Part 3: More ‘Stuckness’ Questions

Part 4: Final ‘Stuckness’ Questions


Part 5: Overwhelm

Part 6: Overwhelm & Where to Begin


Part 7: Where to Begin & Self-Talk/Beliefs

Part 8: Sentimental Items and Attachment


Part 9: Inherited Items and Grief


Part 10: Staying Curious & Having Fun

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