Does it really matter if we have a bunch of stuck stuff in our attics and basements? Is it a big deal if we are holding on to objects out of guilt or obligation that we don’t really love?

In this episode, I share an excerpt from Denise Linn’s book Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home. I hope that hearing her perspective will shed light on the powerful energetic spaces our homes can potentially be. Everything in our homes is comprised of energy. It stands to reason that our stuck stuff and the objects we feel conflicted about do impact the overall energy fields of our homes.

The more clear we are about our relationships with our ‘stuff’, the more clear and vibrant our home energy is. Win-win! This is why I’m so passionate about Home Energy Purification!

If you need help getting started, consider doing a 90-minute Clarify to Purify Interview & Planning Session with me. This could be the boost you need to get clear about how to launch your Home Energy Purification process. Your home (and our planet!) will thank you.

Until next time, keep on purifying! 🙂