Because excess clutter can sometimes mistakenly be thought of as hoarding, I dedicated this episode to providing some facts and information about Hoarding Disorder.

The information about hoarding for today’s episode comes from the International OCD Foundation and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

In this episode I cover:

  • The clinical diagnosis criteria for Hoarding Disorder
  • The reasons some people hoard
  • Hoarding vs. Collecting
  • Demographic information about Hoarding Disorder
  • What makes decluttering difficult for people who hoard
  • Treatment strategies for hoarding
  • How to have a conversation with someone who is ready for help with her/his hoarding

Here is a link to the Hoarding Fact Sheet from IOCDF.

Here is a link to the Clutter Image Rating Scale from IOCDF with the 9 pictures of 3 different rooms in various states from completely uncluttered to severe hoarding.

You can also check out these two informative articles from Jennifer Hanzlick, owner of Clutter Trucker. Clutter Trucker is a Colorado-based company specializing in hoarding cleanup and junk removal.

I hope this information provides clarity and understanding for yourself or others regarding Hoarding Disorder.

Until next time, keep on Purifying!