The essence of Home Energy Purification is all about shifting up the energy of our homes. One way we can do that is to begin to get clear about why we are holding on to a particular object.

Are you consciously storing an object for future use? (Awesome!) Or are you holding on because you ‘should’, you’re ‘supposed to’, or some other unclear reason? (This is where the energy can get sticky…)

In this episode, you’ll hear a story from my own Home Energy Purification process: deciding what to do with my wedding dress.

Here are some links about Angel Gowns:
The Angel Gown Program

Little Angel Gowns

And, because some places aren’t currently accepting gowns, here is a great blog post with some other ideas for what to do with wedding gowns if you’re wanting to let go of yours.
5 Meaningful Places to Donate Your Wedding Dress

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Until next time – Keep on purifying! 🙂