Are your laptop, desktop, and phone a total mess with digital clutter??

I know all of mine are…

Thankfully the wonderful and talented Sarah Steckler, Mindfulness Practitioner and Productivity Strategist of, is here to help us out!

Digital clutter can leave us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and unproductive. It can also detract from the “sacred digital space” that our devices have the potential to be.

“We build up a tolerance to physical and digital clutter; we don’t realize how draining it is.”

When we bring mindfulness, awareness, and intention to our digital lives, it is possible to create new habits and practices. We can begin to stem the flow of new clutter coming in and organize what remains.

Sarah says, “My computer should feel just as magical and awesome as the rest of my home!” I couldn’t agree more. So, I’m already making changes in my digital life from what I learned in this interview.

I hope this episode inspires you to clear out and purify your digital devices. This can lead you to greater peace, serenity, organization and productivity. Win-win-win-win!

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How will you purify your digital devices? Email me and let me know.

Until next time, keep on purifying!

P.S. Are you ready to Clarify to Purify?