Collections can be a source of great joy and entertainment. Collecting can be a delightful hobby full of excitement and satisfaction.

But what happens when we outgrow a collection interest or the collection itself starts to feel heavy or burdensome?

In today’s episode, I share a personal story of a collection from my childhood and teen years that I outgrew. I used my Home Energy Purification process to find creative ways to break up the old energy of the collection, while also reconnecting with the original seed of delight that the collection gave me.

It’s okay for our interests to evolve, grow and change over the years. Your collection interests will likely shift, too. If you find yourself feeling ambivalent or conflicted about a collection, I encourage you to give this episode a listen. Perhaps my story will inspire a new clarity or shift within.

I referred to an old Sesame Street segment in the episode. Do you remember it? I was so fascinated by it!

My adorable beloved first stacking doll.
The magic revealed!

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