December Podcast Pause

This is the last episode of 2018! I am pausing the podcast for December 2018 so I can plan episodes for the new year. It will also be nice to have a little podcast down time. I’m excited to reconnect with you for the first episode of 2019 on Wednesday, January 2nd!

Clearing the Decks

I joined a business coaching program earlier this week and – wow – it is amazing and time intensive! I am already learning a ton and receiving so much valuable information about how I can grow Let’s Purify! and reach more people in need of Home Energy Purification services.

In the first module of this program, the coach recommends creating mental space for the work by clearing away anything that isn’t necessary. This includes finishing up incomplete projects, letting go of lingering tasks that aren’t a high priority, and postponing things that can wait.

Sounds like Home Energy Purification, doesn’t it? Getting clear about what will serve our vision and allowing the other stuff to fall away? I am definitely clearing the decks so I can fully participate in this program!

Special Offer

Have you been yearning to Clarify to Purify with me? The Clarify to Purify Interview & Planning Session is going to be wrapped into my 3-4 month offering in the new year.

If you have been considering a session, I am offering it at half price until December 31, 2018 while it still exists as a stand-alone session. Normally $200, you’ll receive it for $100!

Tune into the episode of for details, or simply email me now at to schedule your Clarify to Purify.

I can’t wait to serve you!

Many blessings for the conclusion of 2018.

Until we connect again, keep on purifying!