Clarify to Purify Session


80 Minutes To Clarity About Your Clutter + A Plan To Get Moving

With Michael Spencer, Home Energy Coach

A Clarify to Purify Session provides a safe, sacred space for you to explore your relationship with your accumulated belongings. If you’ve been feeling alone, confused or overwhelmed about decluttering and Purifying your home, now is your chance to take empowered action.

Let’s connect. Our session will help you break through, gain clarity, and make a sound plan for moving forward. The open, light, calm, and welcoming home you’ve been yearning for is waiting for you now.

What We Can Accomplish Together

For our 80-minute phone call, you get to create our agenda. Here are some examples of what we can cover:

  • Begin resolving resistance to decluttering
  • Gain clarity about a block to sorting through or letting go of specific belongings
  • Identify your ‘why’ and create a Vision for your Purified home
  • Tap into spiritual guidance and your inner wisdom to support your process
  • Discover how to incorporate spirituality and energy work into your unique decluttering process
  • Create a clear plan for getting started on your home Purification

Michael, I listen to your podcast, so I know the magic of the work that you do. To experience it in real time while working through something that felt so stuck and hard and dark – to watch it just rapidly unfold and transform into something completely different – was astounding.

Getting started has made me feel really empowered and strong. Lots of gratitude to you because without that session I am 100% confident that box would still be in my basement.

Caitlin C.

Keene, NH

Before my session, I  didn’t realize that all of the business papers and other stuff I was holding on to “just in case” were actually creating a block about the next steps forward in my business.

Working with Michael, I was able to identify these blocks and return to a feeling of excitement about taking the next steps, rather than it feeling like a burden. Thank you, Michael!

Amy N.

Carlisle, PA

You don’t have to navigate your stuff alone…


Sign up now for this powerful phone session where you’ll receive:

  • 80-minutes of one-on-one coaching with me, Home Energy Coach Michael Spencer
  • A non-judgmental sacred space to explore and resolve blocks to Purifying and decluttering your home
  • A written Clarity Summary of our session – including your next steps!

Your home is your sanctuary. Let’s create space for what matters most. 

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I’m so excited to meet you and see you ignite your Purification process!

Hi! I’m Michael Spencer, your Home Energy Coach.

I specialize in helping soulful, sensitive people declutter their homes and create space for what matters most.

As a Reiki practitioner and Modern Day Priestess, I incorporate Reiki and many other spiritual practices into my work with clients. As a Home Energy Coach, I provide the structure needed for you to Purify, while consistently guiding you inward so your inner wisdom can lead the way.

I am dedicated to helping you become energetically aligned with your belongings and your home. Now is your time to release anything that no longer resonates, so you can fly higher!