At the beginning of the year, Melissa Brehm and her husband embarked on a major Home Energy Purification process in their basement.

Decades of their own stuff, their kids’ stuff, and some inherited stuff from Melissa’s mother filled their basement. All this stuff was weighing down the energy of the whole house.

In this first interview episode, Melissa shares about the basement transformation that is taking place as a result of sorting through, getting clear, and letting go of old stuff!

Even their dog can feel the difference!

Melissa was inspired to clean out her basement after the passing of her sister. She knew she did not want to leave a lot of stuff for her daughters to sort through when she and her husband are gone.

Now that the basement is more clear, Melissa is creating new day-to-day habits that are keeping other areas of her home clutter-free.

Here is a link to the Purple Heart organization referenced in the episode: Military Order of the Purple Heart

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Until next time – Keep on purifying! 🙂