It’s the middle of the August podcast pause and I just couldn’t stay away!

I wanted to welcome our new listeners, share a Purify Your Home program announcement, give you a Purifying tip, and share a sneak peek of the upcoming episodes.

Welcome, New Listeners!

I’m so glad we’ve connected! I hope you’re enjoying the podcast so far. It’s my honor and pleasure to share the message of Purification and high-vibration decluttering. My mission is to help soulful, sensitive people declutter their homes and create space for what matters most. If you have questions or want to reach out, email me at

Purify Your Home Program

I currently have 4 spots open in Purify Your Home at a super special rate! Until August 31st, you can sign up for this 15-week transformative experience for just $1,555. On September 1st, the price rises to $2,222.

If you’re feeling the inner call to Purify so you can open up space for what matters most in your life, one of these 4 spots might be yours.

Schedule a call with me now so we can see if Purify Your Home is the next step on your journey. If you begin before the end of August, you’ll complete the program in mid-December. Imagine the clearing and Purifying you’ll be able to accomplish in that time!

To learn more about Purify Your Home, check out episode 29: How To Sense If You Are Ready To Declutter & Purify Your Home. You can also read over the Purify Your Home program page. If you have questions, feel free to email me at

A Purification Tip

When you’re starting a decluttering or Purification session, I recommend setting a timer. When the timer goes off, it’s time for a break! You can stretch, get some water, walk outside for some fresh air… Whatever you need to refresh yourself. This will help you stay the course and avoid burnout.

A Preview of Upcoming Episodes

During the pause, I’ve been planning and creating new episodes for you! Inspiration has been flowing. Here’s a peek at topics to come:

  • Attending to emotions as you declutter & Purify
  • Using Reiki/Universal Life Force Energy to support your process
  • Purifying in the bathroom: medicine cabinets & beauty products
  • Connecting with a spirit animal as you declutter (yes, spirit animals!!)

I’m eager to connect again on Wednesday, September 4th. Until then, keep on Purifying!