We all lose our motivation sometimes… including me. As I was preparing to record this episode, I had to face my own lack of motivation and inspiration for podcasting. Fortunately, by following the steps I outline in this episode I was able to reclaim my motivation!

It is very common to start the decluttering process with gusto just to feel deflated a few hours, days, or weeks later. These 3 steps will help you understand what’s at the root of your lacking motivation and decide on your next best steps.

Three Steps to Reclaim Your Decluttering Motivation (and even get inspired & excited!)

  1. Acknowledge without Judgment – Name what has occurred. Be compassionate and open with yourself. This way you can take responsibility for where you are, without condemning yourself for it.
  1. Explore – Think back to what was happening in your life and your Purification process when you got derailed. See if you can identify what happened that caused you to stop. It could be external circumstances or internal experiences. Simply be curious – explore and notice. Also, considering feeling into your energy field when you think about decluttering or when you’re in the space you were Purifying. Does your energy feel flat or diffuse? Does it feel concentrated and focused? All of this provides information about your experience.
  1. Prioritize – Without judgment, determine if Purifying is a true priority right now. Check in with your why: Why did you want to Purify and declutter in the first place? It may be that you need to intentionally pause your process so you can attend to other things right now. Or, after exploring the reasons you really want to do this, you may realize you want to get started again right away!

3a. Pause with Purpose – If you need to take a pause from Purifying, pause with purpose. See if you can bring your current process to an intentional close – pack things back up and seal off the energy of your process so you can move onto other priorities without guilt.

3b. Stoke the Fire – If you decide you want to re-start your process, deepen your inspiration. Journal about your why, visualize your Purified home, get excited! Talk with your bestie about your why and what will be different in your life after you’ve Purified away the excess. Create a plan to address the things you discovered when you were exploring in step 2.

May these steps help you to clarify your priorities and determine which next steps are right for you.

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