You may recall that back in June, I joined Pam Holland (professional organizer of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing) for her live Q&A event on The Inner Art of Decluttering.

In preparation for that event, Pam and I decided to exchange sessions so we could directly experience each other’s work.

In this episode, you get a behind the scenes look at my session with Pam! I share some background on the linen closet I was addressing, as well as the three most helpful things I received from Pam’s work (there were many, and for time’s sake, I narrowed it down to three). Scroll down to see the before and after pic.

I also share three big takeaways that I received from having a session with a professional organizer:

  • Commitment: Committing to the session helped me commit to actually doing the work.
  • Acceptance: Being held in non-judgment by Pam helped me accept myself – and my closet!
  • Action: Knowing I was being held accountable helped me take action and fully complete the Purification process.

This episode is full of details about the journey: my inner resistance, my aha moments, and my new perspective. I hope it inspires you to get started on your process. And if you find yourself wishing you had some support, I hope it encourages you to reach out and get it! Set up a call with a friend, reach out to Pam, or set up a free consultation with me. We’re here to help.

My Linen Closet Before & After

I am so grateful for Pam’s assistance with this process! If you want to connect with Pam, check out her Mindful Decluttering & Organizing website.

To hear more of Pam on the podcast, tune in to episode 19: Mindful Organizing in 7 Steps with Pam Holland and episode 74: Decluttering & The Chakras with Professional Organizer Pam Holland.

August Podcast Pause Bonus Episodes!

In case you weren’t able to register for The Inner Art of Decluttering or you haven’t listened to the Part 1 and Part 2 replays on Pam’s YouTube channel, we’re sharing the replay on the podcast, too!

During the August Podcast Pause, you’ll get access to segments of the Q&A recording every Wednesday and Saturday. You’ll get to hear the questions (and they were good questions…) and Pam’s and my answers. We dive deep into the topics like facing stuckness and overwhelm, grief, family heirlooms, and so much more.

Visit THIS PAGE or your favorite podcast app to listen!

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