Hoarding is an often misunderstood condition. Societal judgment and fear can lead to deep shame for people who hoard.

In episode 33: Is All This Excess Stuff A Sign Of Hoarding, I shared some background information about hoarding. This week we dive deeper into hoarding in a conversation with hoarding expert, Jen Hanzlick.

Jen is the owner and founder of Clutter Trucker, a Colorado-based hoarding clean out company. Along with her hoarding expertise, she brings compassion, understanding, and respect to the conversation.

Jen shares:

  • Why she started her hoarding cleanup business, Clutter Trucker
  • The 4 criteria of Hoarding Disorder
  • How Jen brings compassion and understanding to her clients
  • The process Clutter Trucker uses to support its clients
  • Recommendations for listeners who think they may be hoarding
  • Recommendations for listeners who have a friend, neighbor or family member who may be hoarding

Jen’s recommendations for friends, neighbors, and family members of people who may be hoarding were so powerful and practical. Here they are:

  • Drop your expectations
  • Focus on the person – the being of who they are, not how their home looks
  • Educate yourself on hoarding (Clutter Trucker’s blog is a great place to start!)
  • Treat the person who is hoarding like a person, not somebody you ‘have to fix’
  • Be a true source of support

For a truly inspiring talk about humanizing hoarding, check out Jen’s TEDx Boulder talk HERE.

About Jen

Jen Hanzlick, Clutter Trucker Founder

Jennifer Hanzlick is the founder and owner of Clutter Trucker, a hoarding clean out company based in Denver. She provides education and awareness on the topic of hoarding disorder and compassion to the community, non-profit organizations and local government agencies.

In 2015 she started the Colorado Hoarding Task Force.

She was a featured speaker at TEDx Boulder.

Connect with Jen

Getting Support

If you suspect you may be hoarding and you’re ready to take a step toward change, consider reaching out to Jen. For those in the Colorado area, contact Clutter Trucker. For those outside of the Colorado area, visit Hope for Hoarding to learn more and apply for virtual coaching.

Until next time, keep on Purifying!