Your vehicle is a magical creation! It allows you to travel rapidly through time and space. It takes you where you want to go.

Purifying in your car, truck, or SUV gives your vehicle some much-deserved attention. By Purifying and cleaning your vehicle, you can also establish stronger, more clear energy for your travels. Read on for some holistic decluttering and Purification tips!

Tips For Purifying In Your Vehicle

  • As always, begin with the breath. Before you even open your vehicle’s door, plant your feet on the ground. Receive a few deep, centering breaths.
  • Offer appreciation and gratitude. From this grounded space, give thanks for your vehicle. Notice what it allows you to do and where it takes you.
  • Purify. Sort through all of the objects in your vehicle. Recycle and toss things as appropriate. Return other items to their proper places in the garage, basement, or other areas of the home. Make a pile of items that will return to your vehicle.
  • Clean. Wipe down the surfaces, vacuum the seats and floors. (Tune in with episode 18: Celebrating the Energetic & Practical Importance of House Cleaning for inspiration to clean!) Consider washing the exterior of your vehicle, too.
  • Organize. Re-place objects that belong in the vehicle so they are organized and accessible.
  • Set an Intention. Consider setting an intention for your vehicle such as safe travels or joyful adventures. Select an intention that is meaningful and resonates with you.
  • Select Some Traveling Companions. Consider inviting some companions to join you. These could be figurines, crystals, or anything else that brings a strong positive energy to your vehicle. Scroll down to see mine!
  • Create a Ritual. Establish a consistent ritual for Purifying in your vehicle. This will remind you to shower your vehicle with appreciation. You’ll also begin to clear out the accumulated clutter on a more regular basis.
My traveling companions. Who travels with you?

I hope these tips will lead you to creating a more harmonious relationship with your vehicle.

Until next time, keep on Purifying!

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