Martha Rouleau is a mindfulness educator, collaborator, and speaker. She joins me to share mindfulness practices to help us stay centered as we Purify and declutter. Martha first discovered mindfulness as an effective way to address her anxiety and perfectionism. She later trained as a Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher. Martha is the founder and owner of Mindful Navigation.

In this episode, Martha shares about:

  • Her background in mindfulness
  • Befriending whatever arises
  • Being in ‘right relationship’ with what is
  • Being curious about what comes up as we Purify and declutter
  • Checking in with ourselves using ‘purposeful pauses’
  • Two mindfulness practices to help decrease overwhelm during the decluttering process

Martha’s Free Offering

The first 10 people who contact Martha before August 1, 2020 will receive a free 30-minute mindfulness coaching session with her!

Email Martha at to schedule your free session with her. If it is anything like getting to chat with her for the interview, you’ll be feeling more calm and centered right away!

As we remain steady and present with what is going on in our inner landscape, the deepest truth emerges about how we want to be and live even amidst the complexity of our immediate life.

Martha Rouleau

May this episode bring you closer to your present experience. May you remain calm and centered as you Purify.

About Martha

Mindfulness Educator, Martha Rouleau


Instagram: @mindfulnavigation

Facebook: @mindfulnavigation

Martha Rouleau is founder and owner of Mindful Navigation which is dedicated to providing individuals and groups with skilled and compassionate mindfulness training that enhances focus, clarity and presence on the path to well-being.

Currently, Martha takes great pride in being an Adjunct Lecturer at The College of William and Mary teaching Mindfulness Meditation supporting young adults and college staff with finding clarity, focus, presence, and ease in their lives.  She feels inspired by the earnestness of the hearts of those seeking well- being not only in their personal lives but also as a member of the global community.

Additionally, as a yoga practitioner and instructor at  the University of Virginia, 2 local yoga studios, and fitness center, Martha finds valuable relevance that mindfulness  brings to  yoga  as together, the unite mind the with movement, deepen one’s connection to the present. Her certification in Chair Yoga provides the benefits of yoga to all.

Martha’s passion is to support others, through mind/body awareness, as they cultivate skills and tools to live a more authentic life with enhanced well-being, compassion and connection to self, others, and life.