Episode Dedication

This week’s episode is dedicated to Sonya Renee Taylor. Sonya is an award-winning poet, activist, author and leader. While I am still relatively new to her work, it feels like she has grabbed me by the shoulders and is shaking me awake. She speaks boldly and directly about whiteness and white supremacist delusion in ways that are disrupting the comfort zone that I and many white people reside in. You can find Sonya at sonyareneetaylor.com and on Instagram @sonyareneetaylor.

Using Your Intuition to Declutter & Purify

As you learn to declutter from a holistic perspective, you’ll begin to rely more on your inner wisdom and intuition. In the Purification method, we call this your Intuitive Sorting Skill. In today’s episode, I share:

  • Why your Intuitive Sorting Skill is so important to your Purification process
  • What the Intuitive Sorting Skill is, exactly (In short, it is a skill that you can develop to use your inner wisdom to help you make quick and clear decisions as you’re decluttering.)
  • How to develop your Intuitive Sorting Skill (even if you think you’re not intuitive!)

Quick Steps for Developing Your Intuitive Sorting Skill

Practice, practice, practice. When you’re learning anything new, it is necessary to give yourself time to practice. Developing your Intuitive Sorting Skill is no exception. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll begin to hone your skill with consistent practice and experimentation.

  • Ground and center: Receive a few deep centering breaths to bring your full self to the present moment.
  • Meditate: Spend a few minutes breathing mindfully and simply noticing what is transpiring within. You may notice thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and more. Notice and come back to the breath.
  • Pick up a small object and hold it: Receive it fully with your senses. See it with fresh eyes. Let go of its history and simply notice what bubbles up from within as you experience it.
  • Notice how you feel: Does this object resonate with you? Does it clash? Notice your emotions and thoughts. Are there conflicting thoughts and feelings?
  • Ask yourself: Do I want to keep this object? Do I want to let it go?

I encourage you to practice using your intuition and inner wisdom to tune in with some objects in your home. If this practice is challenging for you, I’ll be back in the next episode with two specific tips to help. You can also schedule a Clarify to Purify Session for one-on-one support.

Until next time, keep practicing and keep on Purifying!