Before we get started with this week’s episode, I am exited to share that in the near future I’ll be sharing one or more episodes about racist memorabilia. I’m in the process of connecting with an expert in multiculturalism to teach us about this important topic. More soon! For now, let’s tune in with Dyanne’s beautiful story of creating a new sense of home.

Dyanne’s Story

About 10 years ago, Dyanne Kelley was going through a divorce, relocating to a new city and state, and starting a new job. She had just three weeks to sort through and pack up 25 years of accumulated belongings. Not only was she moving quickly, she was also downsizing significantly.

Dyanne shares about the process of moving so quickly, insights about her relationship with her belongings, and how she unexpectedly created a new sense of home.

Thank you, Dyanne, for sharing your story with us!

Dyanne is a Soulfire Woman writer, speaker, coach and psychotherapist. You can connect with her at Join her email list and receive a FREE guided imagery for navigating these challenging times. It will help you transform difficult emotions into hope and a promise for brighter days ahead.

If you’re interested in sharing your story of Purification on the podcast, reach out! I love sharing people’s Purification stories so we can learn from and connect with each other. If your story is a fit for the show, we can set up an interview or you can submit a write-up of your story for me to share. Email me at

About Dyanne Kelley

As a Soulfire Woman writer, speaker, coach, psychotherapist, and with a dash of midlife humor, Dyanne connects you to the deepest, wisest part of yourself for lasting change – to your own true nature, your divine feminine power.

Dyanne blogs about travel, midlife, feminine power and the lessons she’s learned from walking her Australian Shepherd, Penelope, on the beach. She is the author of Soulfire Woman: How to Torch Your Past, Ignite Your Present and Set Your Soul on Fire.

With over twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, Dyanne guided and coached others in emotional self-healing at a transformational level. Through these experiences and through her own midlife healing journey she discovered women have their own distinct pathway to healing and reigniting the Soulfire Woman within.

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Until we meet again for more stories and Purification explorations, keep on Purifying!