Pam Holland, Professional Home Organizer of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing, is back on the podcast! I interviewed Pam way back in episode 19 about her 7 steps for mindful organizing. It’s become one of the most popular episodes of the podcast so far! (Get a free PDF of her 7 steps HERE.)

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In this week’s episode, Pam shares:

  • How she became interested in the human energy system and the chakras
  • What the chakras are (see two clear and powerful definitions below)
  • A brief overview of each of the seven primary chakras and how they relate to home decluttering

What Are The Chakras?

Chakras are organizational centers for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life-force energy. They are the stepping stones between heaven and earth.

Anodea Judith

When the Chakras are awakened, they help us transform our lives and ignite our inherent enthusiasm by releasing negative emotions, managing our desires, developing creativity, restoring our personal power, and connecting us to self and world. Gaining access to the chakras allows us to become the master of our own happiness.

The Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute

As Pam points out, the chakras are just one way of entering into the work of Purifying or decluttering at a deeper level. And, as you’ll hear in this episode, they provide a powerful way to explore your relationship with yourself as you declutter your home.

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Pam also referred to my recent blog post about creating safe and sacred space at home. You can read it HERE.

About Pam

Pam Holland is the founder of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing and is a speaker, teacher, professional home organizer and life transformation coach. Since 2005, Pam has had the honor of helping mindful folks create more ease and joy in their lives and spaces. Pam delights in helping people free themselves from clutter in order to make room for their passions to flourish. Since 2018, Pam has been able to help folks no matter where they live due to the magic of virtual organizing via phone or video chat. She lives in Westminster, Colorado.

Pam is currently offering an on-line course called “Declutter Your Life With Chakra Power.” In this self-paced course, students can share successes and challenges in a private Facebook group and benefit from support calls led by Pam. Students will experience the many ways that their seven primary chakras can support them in creating clutter-free and healthy lives. You can access the FREE introduction to the course HERE. Dive into the full premium version HERE.

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FREE PDF download: An Introduction To The Chakra System And Its Decluttering Power

May this episode open curiosity and exploration in you, my friend. The chakras are an interesting, potent, and fun way to deepen your decluttering and Purification experience.

Until next time, keep on Purifying!