My own home Purification journey started with cleansing my physical body. The more clear and clean I was inside, the more I felt the need to declutter and Purify my outer surroundings. (You can hear more about my Purification story in episode 10.) Since food was such an important part of my story, I wanted to continue the discussion with an expert!

Health coach Liza Baker of Simply: Health Coaching joins me to talk about food and how it impacts the energy of our kitchens. In Part 1 of our interview, Liza teaches us about SOLE Foods: Seasonal, Organic, Local, and Ethical. Choosing whole foods that fall into these four categories can help us be healthier and more vibrant. SOLE Foods also feel different in our kitchens.

Join us for Part 2 next time! We’ll talk about cooking from scratch, stocking your pantry, food safety, and the energy we bring to the kitchen when we’re cooking.

About Liza

Liza (Leeza) Baker is a full-time health coach and nonprofit consultant, self-published author, blogger, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe. Liza adores her crazy life and brings her passion, knowledge, and experience to the table to help you love YOUR life—no matter how crazy it is—and reach your health goals.

She’s a health coach and sanity whisperer to under-appreciated, under-listened to, under-taken-care-of, under-valued, overwhelmed, overworked, over-scheduled, overtired, and OVER. IT. ALL. wives and mothers 40+ who work in the mission-driven/nonprofit sector and dream of a starring role in their own lives after too many years of playing best supporting actress in everyone else’s.

More simply: Liza’s mission is to support you in being well while doing good.

Liza received her health coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and an AAS in Culinary Arts from the Cooking + Hospitality Institute of Chicago (later part of Le Cordon Bleu). In the years BC (before children), she was the owner and executive chef of a catering and private chef company in Chicago and over the years has taught cooking and nutrition to all ages.

Liza lives in a half-empty nest in Ann Arbor, MI and is passionate about health and happiness, education and empowerment, SOLE/SOUL food and social justice.

Health coach Liza Baker of Simply: Health Coaching
Health Coach Liza Baker

Connect With Liza

Download the introduction to Liza’s cookbook, Fl!p Your K!tchen, HERE.

Facebook: @simplyhealthcoachinglizabaker
Linkedin: @lizabakera2

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May this interview inspire you to deepen your relationship with your food and your kitchen. Until Part 2, keep on Purifying!

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