Purifying – in general – is all about what we choose to carry with us into the next phase of life – and what we choose to let go.

Purifying in our purses, handbags and wallets is about what we literally carry with us every day! [New to Purifying? Check out this page to see what this high vibration method of decluttering is all about.]

The contents of these awesome containers can tell us a lot about ourselves. And, because we use them everyday, we may no longer really see them.

When you give yourself the time to Purify in these areas, you get to see them with fresh eyes and reflect:

  • What do you want to carry with you?
  • What has gathered here unconsciously?
  • What heavy weight (literal or figurative) can you shed?

See the steps below for guidance on Purifying in your purse, handbag and wallet. You can create your own ritual to revisit as needed.

Steps to Purify Your Purse, Handbag & Wallet

  • Take a peak into your handbag or wallet. Notice – without judgment – what has gathered there.
  • Clear a space for Purifying. Give yourself an open, sacred space to work. Consider creating a small altar, smudging, or another ritual.
  • Sit or stand in Presence. Receive a few deep, centering breaths. Feel yourself rooted and grounded.
  • Empty out your handbag and/or wallet. Spread the contents out so you can see them – and feel them energetically.
  • Look at it all with eyes of acceptance. Bring an open, spacious attitude. No judgment.
  • Tune in energetically. Feel what comes up as you look at – and maybe pick up – each object. Allow your intuition to speak to you about what you want to carry and what belongs elsewhere.
  • Notice any themes that arise. Be aware of how these belongings reflect what is happening within. This is the inner Purification.
  • Move the objects into categories. Putting ‘like things’ together will help you see these belongings more clearly.
  • Sort the belongings. Create piles for keep in the bag or wallet, move elsewhere, recycle, and toss.
  • Look at your purse, handbag and/or wallet. Notice how your feel about these containers.
  • Refill your purse, handbag and/or wallet. Allow these spaces to be organized and clear.
  • Add anything extra. Notice if there are other belongings that you intentionally want to carry. These are things that can support you while you’re out in the world.

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Until next time, my friend, lighten your load and keep on Purifying!