There are both pros and cons to starting a decluttering and Purifying process while homebound. I’ll share a few of each. Let’s start with the cons; there are 2 main ones to be aware of.

Cons to Decluttering & Purifying While Homebound

  • Tensions May Already Be High. If you live with someone else and you are both homebound at this time, anxiety and tensions may already be running high. Starting an in-depth decluttering process amidst the increased global stress and disrupted schedules may only serve to cause more disruption. Digging into things that have been tucked away for years or even decades may stir up a lot of emotion and energy. It may turn out to be more stressful than it is satisfying or productive.
  • No Current Channels for Distribution. Due to the precautions associated with decreasing the spread of COVID-19 (such as closure of non-life sustaining businesses and social distancing), the normal avenues for distributing items you’re letting go are likely unavailable. This means you will need to have a staging area available for storing the belongings you are planning to sell, share, or donate. Having piles of old stuff in your home may increase your stress, rather than providing a sense of relief at having decluttered.

Pros to Decluttering & Purifying While Homebound

  • You’re At Home With Time On Your Hands. One of the biggest challenges with Purifying is finding the time. If you’re working from home or off work, you may have come into some extra time! If you dedicate some time now, you may be able to complete a Purifying project you’ve been putting off.
  • It Gives You Something To Focus On. Diving in to a Purification process may be just the thing to help focus your anxious energy. In this unusual and uncertain time, starting a project that has a definite end point can be soothing.
  • It Could Fuel Your Spiritual Awakening. Purifying is a spiritual practice. When you become clear about what you choose to carry with you, and what you choose to let go, you become more conscious. When you challenge old rules about what you should include in your life, you become more empowered. This is a sacred opportunity for growth and expansion.

You know yourself best. I encourage you to bring awareness to what you choose to Purify and what you allow to remain untouched. Remember, you can start small with a micro area or one shelf or drawer. You can practice your Daily Purifying Ritual with one or two areas of your home.

Or, you can dive in to a big Purification process with your eyes wide open.

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Until next time, be well and keep on Purifying!