11 Quick Tips For Calming In Times Of Global Stress

In order to survive and potentially thrive in times of stress, it is necessary to lean in to our coping skills consistently and often. Here are 11 to get you feeling calmer right away. These tips are easy, accessible, and some are even fun! (Imagine that!)

Breathe – This one is easy to forget, and vital to remember. Let’s receive a deep, centering breath together now. Inhale……………….. Exhale ……………….. In just 5 or 10 seconds, you can immediately begin to calm your inner state.

Smile – Allow a small, gentle smile to blossom on your face, in your eyes, and on your heart. Notice how this shifts your energy field and perspective. Go ahead…. try it now. (If you need some help getting started, try this link for something to smile about.) (Oh yeah… I went there….)

Laugh – As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Laughing raises our vibration and helps us take life a little less seriously. In times that feel so dire, some levity is always welcome. Try out this classic YouTube vid for some inspiration.

Dance – I dare you. In a time of such intensity, do you have the gall to dance? I do. And it’s fantastic. Dancing moves and shifts your energy. Combined with upbeat music, it will raise the vibration of your entire home. Here are a couple of my favorite songs to dance to: song one, song two. Dance dorkily, dance from a chair. Simply dare to dance.

Purify – You can Purify internally by practicing awareness of your thoughts and emotions. As you notice how your inner state is impacted by the thoughts you think, you can begin to choose new ones. You can Purify a micro area in your home (check out episode #35) or use your Daily Purifying Ritual to clear a space (check out episode #65). The act of Purifying (whether inner or outer) will shift your vibration and bring greater calm.

Unplug – Give yourself a social media pause for an hour or a few days. Unplug your energy field from the drama of the news cycle. This will allow your nervous system to reset. This is also an opportunity to stop feeding the “pain body“. Give it a try and see what happens.

Connect – Reach out to a conscious friend. Walk in nature. Communicate with your angels or guides. Connect more deeply with yourself through journaling, a warm bath, or drinking a cup of tea. Listen to or read the work of high vibration spiritual teachers. I love Eckhart Tolle’s books The Power of Now and A New Earth. Who are your go-to teachers?

Practice – Meditate, do yoga, pray, send Reiki, Purify, do breathing exercises. Whatever your spiritual practices are, now is the time to use them.

Slow Down – When we become anxious, we tend to speed up. We often want to accomplish and produce to feel in control. Slowing down allows us to become present. We can feel the inner body and the breath. We can more fully experience whatever we’re doing right now. This helps to stop the incessant stream of stressful thinking.

Savor – Bring your senses alive. Taste your food. Really listen to the sounds around you. Allow your eyes to revel in the sites you see. Linger in a hug. Savor each moment.

Open – When facing uncertainty, we often contract and shut down. We become fearful and turn away. What if you choose to open? Open your heart, your mind, your senses… What if, in the midst of the unknown, you breathe more deeply and open your spirit? Try it. You can always contract for a while and then try again.

These are intense times. There is a call for calm.

Right now, in mid-March 2020, we are collectively facing the impacts of the spread of the coronavirus. We are in the midst of quarantines, social distancing, temporary school and business closures, and more.

It is a time of uncertainty and unknowns. Many of us are experiencing varying levels of fear. Some of the fear is due to health and safety concerns for ourselves and our loved ones. Some of the fear is related to financial concerns and the availability of resources.

Underlying these practical concerns, we also feel the global fear: the collective primal fear of death and annihilation.

We experience the global stress as low level anxiety or intense fear – or an ongoing dance of both. In order to survive or potentially thrive in times of stress, it is necessary to lean in to our coping skills consistently and often.

The tips from this episode can be applied to many situations, including your Purification process. So whether you’re managing your global stress or simply Purifying a closet, these tips are here to support you.

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Until next time, keep calm and keep on Purifying!

Quick Tips for Calming in times of Global stress