Your words are powerful.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, they help create the reality you experience. The words you use and the way you talk about your Purification process have a direct effect on how it unfolds.

In this episode, I share my perspective on three words and phrases that people often use related to the decluttering process. I choose not to use these words because, to me, they do not feel energetically aligned with Purifying. They feel heavy and bring a negative energy to the process.

Purge <> Get Rid Of <> Dumping Ground

Language choices are personal. You may feel differently about these words and phrases than I do. I encourage you to feel the vibration of the words you use. This practice will help you ensure that they are aligned with the reality you want to experience. You’ll get to try out feeling the vibration of some words and phrases during this episode!

I also talk about the general language we may unconsciously use when talking about decluttering. Things like:

This is going to take forever… I hate doing this… I’m never going to get it done… This sucks.

When we make word choices like those, it’s no wonder that we don’t feel motivated and inspired to declutter! Discovering language that accurately describes your experience while also bringing positive energy to the process makes a world of difference.

You can hear more about how I began using the words Purify and Purification rather than solely using decluttering here: 10: What Does Purification Mean To You?

I’m excited to hear what you discover about your word choices in this episode. Please comment below with your insights!

If you need some help shifting your language or jump starting your Purifying, don’t hesitate to schedule a Clarify to Purify Session with me. The personalized one-on-one coaching in this session could be the catalyst that finally ignites your process!

Until next time, choose aligned language and keep on Purifying!