After helping my mom clean out her attic recently, I knew I wanted to create an episode around the process.

There are many aspects of Purifying in the attic to explore. (I’m sure there will be more attic-focused episodes in the future!) This particular episode is about creating an effective strategy for getting the job done. Equally as important, we also focus on honoring your inner experience and emotions.

Clearing and Purifying an attic is a big job. It can be dusty, very hot (or very cold), and generally overwhelming. Attics store not only decades (and sometimes generations) of belongings, but also the energy of memories, nostalgia, and the evidence of life.

Making the commitment to get in there and do it is big. If you’re considering Purifying in the attic soon (your own or a relative’s), I commend you. Here are some tips for creating a strategy so the task is less overwhelming and more easeful.

This is not an all-inclusive list, and hopefully it will provide a starting place so you can feel empowered to begin.

Creating an Effective & Soulful Attic Purifying Strategy

  • First things first, we begin with the breath. Remember to receive some deep, centering breaths as you begin to create your strategy. This will allow you to tend to any feelings of overwhelm while still moving forward.
  • Next, take stock with a quick inventory. With pen and paper in hand, head up to the attic for 10 to 20 minutes to take stock of the contents. Make notes of the various categories of belongings (such as, photos, clothing, books, holiday decorations, etc.). Notice the energy of the objects and the emotions they bring up. Make note of who the various objects belong to. Also consider any practical and logistical concerns (such as, heavy boxes or furniture you’ll need assistance moving and any environmental issues like extreme heat or cold and dust).
  • Brainstorm about the distribution of the stuff. While you will likely hold on to some of the treasures from the attic, you will need to distribute many other things. Review the categories from your inventory and consider options such as: donation centers, consignment shops, vintage clothing stores (like Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb in Carlisle, PA), online selling, sharing with friends and family, and trash hauling.
  • Create a time frame for the process. You may need to Purify due to an outside time constraint, or perhaps you’re being proactive and getting started with a wide open time frame. Either way, it is important to consider the pros and cons of your strategy.
  • Communicate with anyone who has belongings stored in the attic. Be sure to give a heads up to these folks so they can have a say in (i.e., take responsibility for) the distribution of their stuff. Let them know what types of belongings are there and the time frame for your Purification process.
  • Create an attic Purifying team. Begin connecting with some family and friends who can help with the sorting, moving, and distributing of these belongings. Attic Purifying can be labor-intensive, so having a small team of strong, motivated helpers can move the process along!
  • Plan for sensible and reasonable Purifying time blocks. Since Purifying in the attic can be intense both physically and emotionally (not to mention energetically), be sure to plan on small blocks of time. Consider scheduling out several 2 to 4 hour windows at first to see how you and your team hold up.
  • Consider finding a temporary storage space for things that need to be sorted later. My mom had several boxes of paper memorabilia and family history. We are fortunate that my sister offered to store those boxes temporarily so we didn’t need to make quick decisions in the moment about those items.
  • Create staging areas in the main area of the home for things that will be distributed. This distribution phase of the attic Purifying is important! If you don’t attend to it, you’ll be left with a house full of the attic stuff…
  • Commit for the long haul. While the process may seem daunting, it will be worth it. Be sure to consider your “why” and what is inspiring you to Purify in the attic.
  • The last, and most important, step in the strategy is to tend to yourself in the Purifying process. It is a LOT physically, emotionally, and energetically to clear out an attic. Be sure you have self-care in place so you can make it for the long haul. Check out episode 44: Five Ways To Attend To Your Emotions As You Declutter & Purify for more.

How are you holding up after reading through all of that? Let’s receive another nice deep, centering breath together. While it is a huge job, Purifying in the attic may be one of the most satisfying and rewarding things you can do. Most folks have been ‘meaning to get to it’ for a long time.

Imagine the energy that will be freed up when it’s finally complete. You can do this.

If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed at the thought of Purifying in the attic, I’d love to help! A Clarify to Purify Session (over the phone or on Zoom) may be just what you need. We can explore the emotions that are coming up and work together to create a personalized strategy that fits for you. Often, having the sacred space to talk with a coach who understands you and the process can create a powerful internal shift.

If you need more help beyond a single session, we can also talk about whether the Purify Your Home program could be a good fit for you. Click HERE to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call.

I’m excited for you, your process, and the treasures you and your family may discover while Purifying in the attic. I found my library card from 1989!

Until next time, my friend, keep on Purifying!