Today, we continue the conversation with Sanctuary Creator & Elemental Space Clearer, Helen Joy Butler.

Helen and I talk about the need to surrender while creating Sanctuary.

We also explore the concept of Elemental Space Clearing: energetically clearing a space to dispel stagnant energies and activate desirable energies.

Helen helps us to feel empowered to shift the energies in our homes – and to actively create Sanctuary within. It is beautiful how the concepts of Sanctuary and Purification walk hand-in-hand.

If you missed part one of our conversation, you can check out that episode here – 62: Creating Sanctuary in Home, Body, and Life with Helen Joy Butler

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Connect with Helen

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You can connect with Helen through her website and social media:

Helen Joy Butler, Sanctuary Creator & Elemental Space Clearer

Helen Joy Butler is a Sanctuary Creator, Elemental Space Clearer, speaker, author and coach.

After the birth of her son, Helen left teaching to open her Professional Organising business, where she worked with clients in their homes and online to organise and declutter their lives. While helping her clients shift their physical stuff, Helen dove deeply into her own purifying journey, ultimately leading her to claim and own her unique spiritual and energetic abilities.

Helen is an accredited Expert Professional Organiser, Certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, is attuned to Reiki Level 1, and has a Masters of Business Administration as well as two teaching degrees.

Helen lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband, teenage son and fur baby Elvis.