Adrienne Thoman, a friend and fellow podcaster, joined me this week to talk about her journey with minimalism.

I used to think that minimalism was a stark, bright white, and bleak affair. My interview with Adrienne showed me a new perspective. With her ever-present warmth and humor, Adrienne teaches us that you can define and practice minimalism in whatever way will support you best.

For Adrienne, it’s all about living with intention, appreciation, and creativity.

With 2 of her closest friends, Adrienne co-hosts The Pirate Life Podcast. Their show is an extension of the way they choose to live their lives, what they call ‘The Pirate Life’: A life with no limits, a life full of joy, and a life where they challenge themselves to live life to the fullest. In our conversation, Adrienne shares about how her practice of minimalism enhances her Pirate Life.

Here are the links I referred to in the episode. You can see the photo of Adrienne’s beautiful living room below.

Everything in my home is something I truly treasure and value.

Adrienne Thoman
Adrienne’s warm, inviting, and minimalist living room
Adrienne Thoman, minimalist and co-host of The Pirate Life Podcast

I hope this interview gives you some new perspective on minimalism. It is another beautiful lens through which to explore our relationship with our belongings and the world around us. I’m also thrilled to introduce you to The Pirate Life!

Until next time, keep on Purifying!