Welcome back to part two of my interview with Feng Shui expert, Jillian Rothschild-Scholar on the basics of Feng Shui!

In this part, Jillian talks with us about:

  • The difference between creating energy flow and stabilizing energy in the home
  • Ways to shift energy within the home when external factors can’t be changed
  • More details of the Eight Mansions System (Be sure to download Jillian’s free Eight Mansions Toolkit which is available through this link until January 31, 2020: https://fsinmotion.com/mytoolkitjan20/)
  • How a person’s Feng Shui process evolves over time
  • How Feng Shui and decluttering can work together

If you missed part one of our conversation, you can check out episode 58 here!

[With Feng Shui,] you really have the ability to control how supportive your environment is in creating that life that you want right now.

Jillian Rothschild-Scholar

About Jillian

Jillian has been working in private Feng Shui consultancy since 2010. She is a classically trained Feng Shui expert. She specializes in collaborating with clients over time to awaken new possibilities and assist each client in achieving both personal and professional goals. As part of her Classical Feng Shui work, she consults for both residential and business properties worldwide. Jillian combines modern, practical solutions with the authentic Feng Shui perspective to successfully collaborate with her clients in personal and business matters. Her practice, Feng Shui In Motion, is located in Phoenix, AZ.

You can connect with Jillian on her website and social media at:

Jillian Rothschild-Scholar, classically trained Feng Shui expert

Remember, to get started on your Feng Shui journey you can download Jillian’s free Eight Mansions Toolkit! It will be available through this link until January 31, 2020: https://fsinmotion.com/mytoolkitjan20/

And of course, I’m always here to help you Purify. Let’s connect for a Clarify to Purify session!

Until next time, keep on Purifying – and aligning your home and personal energy through Feng Shui!