When you have a clear vision for your home or a particular room it can lend clarity to your Purification process.

…but what if you don’t yet have a clear vision?

You may be crystal clear about what you no longer want in your home (density, clutter, heaviness, old meaningless stuff, etc.), but you may not be sure about what type of space you want to create.

The good news is that’s okay!

In this episode, I share some tips for tuning in and growing your vision – a little bit at a time.

Your vision may begin with something very small such as a color, vibration, emotion, or sound. From here you can begin to notice if your belongings resonate and harmonize with the aspects of your vision that you do have access to.

I hope this episode helps to take some pressure off the idea of having a fully formed vision, so you can get started from right where you are.

REMEMBER: The podcast will be on pause for the month of December. Episodes will resume on Wednesday, January 1, 2020!

During the podcast pauses I continue to see clients, so feel free to book a Clarify to Purify session or a discovery call for Purify Your Home. I am excited to serve you and your growing vision!

Until we connect again, keep on Purifying!