As we approach the holiday season and the end of another calendar year, I have an invitation for you! As with any invitation, you can RSVP with an enthusiastic yes or a polite no thank you…

I invite you to choose one area of your home or life to Purify in the next few weeks.

As you dedicate a few minutes, hours, or days to Purifying, you are clearing space for the new year. You also ignite the power of alchemy and transformation!

Here are some examples of areas you may choose to Purify:

  • A micro area of your home (as I talked about in episode #35)
  • Holiday decorations and/or traditions (as I talked about in episode #14)
  • Obligations on your calendar
  • An area of one room
  • An entire room (like I am embarking on with my home office)
  • A mindset or habit
  • Anything else you can imagine – the sky’s the limit!

If you know that your response to this invitation is a vibrant YES, and you’d like some help getting started, let’s connect! A Clarify to Purify session can help you get focused, clear and inspired about what you want to accomplish in your year-end Purifying.

REMINDER: The Let’s Purify Podcast will be on pause for the month of December. This allows me to rest and replenish creatively, and gives you some time to catch up on past episodes!

See you next week (Wednesday, November 27th) for the last episode before the December Podcast Pause. Until then, keep on Purifying!