I have lots of Purification systems in my home that help me to stay organized. These systems help with efficiency and also bring a sense of balance and rhythm to my days. I bet you have your favorite home systems, too!

Recently, I noticed that my email inbox system for my personal and business emails wasn’t working well at all. I typically address emails once or twice a day. This keeps my email inbox pretty clean, with just emails that represent open tasks remaining in my inbox. Somehow both email inboxes had accumulated a whole bunch of clutter that I wasn’t addressing. Oops!

Now, this episode isn’t actually about email systems and digital decluttering

It is about becoming aware of when your home systems aren’t functioning well (whether it’s your email, your snail mail, your laundry, or anything else).

This awareness leads to assessing what’s going on internally that is causing this system breakdown. Why hasn’t this system been working? What has shifted that you’re not attending to it as you typically do?

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible that this system breakdown may be a sign of positive shifts, expansion or growth that are happening within. The only way to be clear is to sit with this breakdown and notice what you notice. This is the essence of Home Energy Purification.

My inbox clutter was a sign that my email wasn’t getting as much attention because I was in the midst of addressing some inner turmoil. I needed to clear out some inside stuff before I turned my attention back to my daily email Purifying rituals.

Sometimes things become muddy and unclear as we’re breaking down old beliefs and habits. This inner breakdown allows new, more balanced and efficient systems to emerge. Isn’t that good news?

Are your systems breaking down and you’re not clear why? Let’s clarify!