Decluttering in your clothes closet can bring up a lot of confusion and tough feelings. In this episode, I share some common challenges that people face while sorting through their clothing. I also share eight tips to bring ease and acceptance to your process.

Eight Tips for Purifying In Your Clothes Closet

  1. Create a vision: Having a vision for your closet and clothing will give you an overall sense of what types of clothing are a fit for you.
  2. Identify your most authentic self: Notice the clothing that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. This will help you make clear decisions about what you truly want to keep.
  3. Honor your sensitivities: Allow yourself to let go of clothing that is uncomfortable to wear, and therefore you typically avoid.
  4. Try everything on: Take nothing for granted and make no assumptions.
  5. Discover a method that works for you: Whether you go one shelf at a time, or pile all of your clothing up on the bed, find a method that will allow you to stick with the process and complete it.
  6. Bring an energy of openness, curiosity and fun to the process: Turn on some music, put a smile on your face and get to it!
  7. Allow emotions to rise and flow: As you’re opening up the space of your closet, you may open up some emotions within. Allowing them to flow will help you let go of both inner and outer ‘stuff’.
  8. Make up your own rules: You do not have to adhere to anyone else’s methods, ideas, rules, or shoulds. Discover what feels right to you.

If you’re struggling to Purify your clothes closet, let’s connect for a Clarify to Purify session. Together, we can sort through what’s been holding you back and create a plan to get started. Imagine how open and welcoming your closet could become!

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I hope this episode provides you with some fresh perspective and meaningful tips!

Until next time, keep on Purifying!